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Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow, I have really been neglecting this blog. Either that, or my life has been just too boring to write about. I did learn something really interesting this week. Let m back up a bit. Since my heart attack EXACTLY 7 years ago today, I have been gaining weight at an astounding rate. I have ben askin my Dr. for years if my meds have anything to do with it. She aalways tells me no and that I just have to eat better & exercise more. All this while piling on more meds. So the other day, Danny was talking to a Dr. friend and he askd how I was doing. Danny told him that I was doing good and mentioned the meds that I was taking. The Dr. told him that all those mds at such high doses would lower my metabolism. Vindication! Why was I not told this before it got so out of hand! Maybe the plan was to get m miserable enough to put me on anti-depressants! Anyhoo, he suggested taking CoQ10 to see if that helps. So on we go.

I have been avoiding my beloved Target. A need to save money and all. They must really be worried about me over there though, I might have to pay them a visit soon. Just to show them that I'm all right ya know.

I have basically been hibernating in an attempt to save money & avoid food temptations as well. So I have been organizing and purging. I have way too much crap. We planned on having a yard sale but never did. I'm hoping to have one soon though. We have never had a yard sale before so any tips will be appreciated.

I tried to finish purging my magazines today. I already went through about 20 last week. There is no end in sight though.

I used to actually sit down a look through my magazines as they arrived. But lately, I put it off and end up with stacks of unread issues. I go through them, cut out what interests me, like recipes, tips, etc. Then organize them in a binder. So far, I just have another stack of clippings because I have yet to organize them. Here is one recipe that I won't be cutting out:

Can you read it? If not, I'll help you out. It's Spicy Chocolate Wings. Chicken Wings! Covered in chocolate! I love me some chocolate, but can I just say Yuck!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Go Red

It's that time of year again. So here is my public sevice announcement.

This is actually my life. Daily. Not just in February. I know what I'm supposed to be doing. I actually do try my best to eat right and exercise the way that I'm supposed to. I take my meds and see my doctor regularly. I absolutely, positively do NOT eat this:

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