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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giveaways! Ending soon.

I have two giveaways going on right now on my other blog. One is for a package of Stikin™ Labels ($40 value). These are great for everything including clothing. Think school stuff and s]Summer Camp stuff. Ends on 2/28.

I just posted another one. This one is for bra accessories from Exposed Envy. Functional yet fashionable. Ends on 3/7.

Free stuff is always good!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rant, Rant, Rant

I don't normally go all nuts but this is my personal blog and it's time for a rant! My husband goes into fires, when everyone is running out. He saves babies and has even delivered them. He is usually the first one on the scene of tragic accidents and with his help, the victim may possibly make it. He sees thing that I would never want to see and others that I wish I could.

He just took a huge hit with pay cuts and freezes equaling about 15% of his salary. Now, our idiot Governor, is going after another huge chunk. Not only from us, but from police & teachers as well. This governor is as shady as he looks. I guess since fraud is his game, he just isn't interested in the huge Medicaid and Welfare fraud that is rampant in Florida. When I'm at the grocery store and the lady that is completely dressed in designer duds and is driving a Benz, whips out her food stamps card, my blood boils! Or when my husband runs a 3 AM call for a hangnail (or something similar) and arrives at a house that is worth at least a million bucks, with a BMW & a Hummer parked in the front. The patient insists on being transported because she'ss "Be seen right away" plus she's on freakin' Medicaid! News flash, skank, your hangnail doesn't take precedence over a heart attack! No matter how you arrive!

So yeah, lets not take away from the scammers. Let them live in the luxury that they are accustomed to and that we are paying dearly for. Instead, lets take it away from our Police & Fire, that put their lives on the line every day. Who also save many lives. When these public servants can no longer afford to do what they love, and there are none left, we'll see who will step up and help the public in their time of need. Definitely not our governor.
This would be funny, if it wasn't 110% spot on! Some parts of the video may be offensive to some people.

So there you have it. This is what we are paying for.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hoarding much?

We travel quite a bit. Since we do not sleep in our car, our nights are spent in hotels. Hotels put out these cute little toiletries that for some reason, I NEVER use during our trip. But I do put them away in my bag and bring them home! For what? I don't know. I NEVER use them here either! Maybe deep inside I believe that one day there will be a shortage of soap & shampoo, and I just want to be prepared. You know, just like we stock up for hurricanes. Quite possibly, I'll be the only one in the toiletries recession that does not stink!

So while cleaning out my linen closet, I came upon 2 huge boxes full of hotel crap.  These are the contents of one box:

I have heard that I can donate it somewhere, but I can't remember where. Does anyone know? It has to be local, because these buggers weigh a lot!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bucket List

I'm sure that most people have a Bucket List. I do. Actually, I just started mine less than 10 years ago. Well, I always had things that I really wanted to do and places that I wanted to visit. But I never really sat down and wrote them down. After my slight brush with death, I figured that I should start getting some things knocked off that list. Just in case. Because, they are things that I want to do before I kick the bucket!

One constant thing on my list since I was young, was to get married to a fantabulous man and have children. I knocked those off the list pretty early on. Heck, I've been married for more than half my life!

As of 2002, this is what my list looked like.

* Fly (get over the fear)             
I still am not completely over the fear.  But at least I get on planes now. I've even been on a helicopter & a tiny fixed wing. Yay me!

Be a contestant on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune (half a )
Although I have not been called to Come on down! (phooey!),  I have attended tapings of TPIR (screen shots) One with Bob Barker right before he retired! I have won so much $$$ on WoF for Wii. Now if I can figure out how to cash in!

Visit Hawaii    
We have fortunately been able to visit all 4 of the major Hawaiian Islands.  My heart belongs to Maui though.

Meet Tom Cruise.

Swim with a dolphin.
The most amazing experience ever!

See the Grand Canyon
Truly awe-inspiring

Travel through Europe.

Fly in a hot air balloon

Explore the Rainforest in Costa Rica

Own a beach house preferably in Maui

Have grandchildren

D basically follows along with whatever I want to do. Bless his heart. He does, however, want to RV across the U.S. I guess, at some point, I will have to give in to that one request.

My list is pretty tame. I have no aspirations to jump out of a perfectly good plane for no reason at all. Or any other daredevil crazy activities. After all. it's things I want to do before I die. Not things that I can die while doing!

As I have  asked before, I wonder what happens when I check I everything off my list. Just kick the bucket? Just in case, I will continue adding stuff to the list as I go along!

What's on your Bucket List????

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