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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Colder than Montana!

According to our local weather guy, it was colder here in sunny S. Florida, than in Montana! We woke up to 41 degrees F. Have I mentioned that I hate the cold????

I wanted to sneak in a trip for our upcoming 20th Anniversary. But the money gods are fighting me tooth & nail! I hate it when we can't do fun stuff just because we have to eat! Not that we really have to eat. Actually, we can both benefit from eating less, but you know what I mean.
Plus, I know that I agreed to this, but a girl has every right to change her mind. If we had the funds that is. Maybe some incredibly fantabulous deal will come our way soon.

Speaking of deals, since I did so well with our trip to Hawaii, I may just be offering D's friends my services for a mere finders fee. None of them can believe how little we actually spent on our 20 day adventure. I have always wanted a job doing what I love and travel, even if it is enviously vicariously through others, is my passion. When I was a little girl my dream job was to be a stewardess. Yeah, showing my age there with that title, but that was what they were called. But aside from my vertically challenged body, which was an issue back then, I didn't realize it wouldn't work out well with my extreme fear of flying. I am happy to say that I have that fear somewhat under control. But after reading Kailani's post today, I worry more about my gorgeous self being targeted for being so gorgeous. They will probably not give me a glass of water even if I am totally dehydrated. Those evil, jealous flight attendants. Bunch of crazy cuckoo nuts in this world I tell ya!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hibernating is for the Bears

No, it's not cold. And I'm not reall depressed. Just have not been feeling well this past week. I finally left my house on Friday. went and got my nails done & I visited my beloved Target. I'm sure they miss me when I don't go I went to pump gas since dumb Danny left my car on empty. I felt like Branden Fraiser in Blast From The Past. Gas is at $3.25 for Regular! I just pumped at $2.94 less than 2 weeks ago! I know I'm whining but we will be living under a bridge if we continue at this rate.

Obviously I don't have much to say after being stuck in my cave for the past week We are planning a garage sale. We have never had one before. But we have so much crap stuff that hopefully we can avoid the poor house by selling some of it off. I'm not too thrilled about waking up early for it though. I am NOT a morning person! You think anyone will be around for a sunset yard sale??

Got this by email:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love Your Heart

Just another public service announcement.
Don't forget to keep your heart healthy. You can't live without it!
Also, head on over to mod*mom's. She is hosting a heart healthy giveaway from Whole Foods Market . I LOVE Whole Foods! They expanded the Wild Oats that I shop at. Plus, we now have a brand spankin' new Whole Foods Market in town. It's ginormous! I am one happy camper.

Road Trip!

So it was a nice day yesterday. Not as nice as the day before mind you. Thursday was a-freakin' mazing! But I was not feeling well, so it was not meant to be. Although it was V-day, which to me is just another day. Because I have the least romantic husband in the universe. He's not much into surprises. Unfortunately, I LOVE surprises! I order stuff online then when it gets here I act all surprised. Ooooh, a present for me! He says that I never like what he gets me. Ok, and the last time he did that was when??? He still complains about the time that he bought me this huge a$$ Heart balloon. The thing literally, I'm not lying, was tied down in our spare room for THREE years! Till this day, he still tells people about how I got a knife and stabbed it and threw.it.away. He say's that I am spoiled. Whatever. According to him, everyday is V-day for me. And Christmas. And my birthday. We had lunch at Houston's for V-day then went home. We always have a nice meal at Houston's. I have never been dissapointed. So it was all good.

Friday we wake up to a nice day. I'm feeling better. The girls are in school and they both have plans for after school anyway. So we decide to take a drive. To Ft.Myers beach. So we get in my car. Top down. And act like tourists for the rest of the day. We drove through the Everglades. Saw a gazllion Alligators along the way. Drove through Naples & Bonita. And finally ended up in Ft. Myers. We walked on the powdery white sand beach. Among the powdery white heads. (Snowbird season) We looked at some gorgeous beach houses that we cannot afford but is what I want to own before I die. Then we watched the sunset along with about a thousand of our closest friends fellow sunset watchers. I had some awesome fish & chips then we drove back home. Nice day indeed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vintage Memorabillia

I just bought these cute little S&P shakers on Ebay. These are the same exact shakers that my grandparent's had in their kitchen when I was a kid. Actually, they were my grandfather's idea. My GF was quite a character. He LOVED crafts. He was always tinkering with something! I loved going over to their house to play with all the crap he had there. He would make dolls, toys & games for us while my grandma would make clothes for the dolls & costumes for us. He would make our piƱatas & party favors when we were kids and he also made a few for my girls. Our birthday cards were always handmade by my grandfather. Nothing fancy, just made with love. Both my Mima & Pipo were the best!

Like I said before though, my GF was a character. When I saw the movie Big Fish, I was like "OMG, it's my Pipo!" He would come up with all these wild stories that up until this day make me wonder if they were true or not. He was mischievous at times as well. One day we arrived at their house and he's whispering and tiptoeing around because my Mima was asleep on the recliner. He goes into the kitchen and comes out with a pot & a metal spoon and starts banging them. Poor woman literally flew off her chair. But we were rolling on the floor. It was all about making us laugh. I miss them both more than anything and I am so blessed to have had them both.

Now back to the original purpose of this post. My S&P shakers. My GF would sit them on a shelf in their kitchen. First thing that I would do when I walked in their house was go look at them. Why? Because if he was mad at my Mima, he would put them back-to-back. I thought that was hilarious! One time he was driving and Mima was complaining about something. He said, "The minute I get home I'm putting them back to back! Then he said to me "Don't let me forget" I didn't. Actually, I ran in and moved them myself. So now, I have my set. They sit on a shelf in my craft room. Every time I look at them, it takes me back to my grandparents. To all the love and laughter that was their life and they so generously shared with me.

Right now they are kissing. But Danny better not get on my bad side though!

Friday, February 08, 2008

I nneed a better spam filter!

Remember this? Well I just wanted to post my latest. I usually just hit delete. For some reason they don't go to spam, but whatever. Sometimes I do read one, since I have no lifejust to get a chuckle. I am loved!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been known to do some weird things in the name of fixing a mistake beauty(or at least look respectable). But nothing like this. I was watching Ellen today and she had this lady that is the author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. She was telling people to put sardines on their eyes to make your skin glow, kitty litter to exfoliate and avocado for shiny hair. While she talks about this she is putting it on herself! When she was done, she had kitty litter on her nose, avocado on her hair and this stocking thing on her leg to lift her butt! Oh and by the way, since I know ya'll are writing this down for future use, cheese pizza is an alluring scent to the male species, it increases blood flow to a certain organ. Soooo, go ahead and dab a little on your neck! Your significant other will love you for it!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Never Say Never....

First of all, I want to talk about a little something that happened today. Danny & I went to Panera for dinner last night. I hung my bag on the chair, had my yummy dinner, then walked out without it. Today, I planned on staying home and vegging the entire day. But I had to make a quick run to the grocery store because I realized that we did not have eggs. So I start looking for my purse. Can't find it anywhere. I start freaking out and I remembered that I took it with me. I call Panera and ask the guy if anyone had turned in a purse last night. He put me on hold to check. He comes back and tells me that someone had turned one in this morning. Great, I said. It's probably mine. Then he tells me that someone had already claimed it.

Well, you know, something in his voice bothered me. So I got in my car and drove myself there. I asked the Manager and she goes to the back and comes out with.my.purse! I could literally feel the realief flow through my body. Now, I'm not saying that the guy was planning on keeping my bag, yes, I am but whateverbut he just did not sound right at all. I'm a pretty good judge of character face to face. I can normally tell when someone is lying to me. And it just sounded like he was lying to me. He wouldn't have become a millionaire with my $2.43 but he could have done some major damage with my credit cards!

Anyhoo, my bloggy giveaway generated 234 entries. My poor blog is a bit over heated. Poor thing is only used to about 3 visitors a day. Everyone has sooo many neat things that they want to do in their lifetime! Here's to everyone being able to accomplish their dreams.

My winner is comment #16

doodlebugmom said...
Maybe random will pick me! (ok probably not, but I will play anyway!)I would love to spend an autumn in New England, touring all the historical places. And build my dream house.Linda - if I win, leave me a comment on my blog.
12:44 PM

Well, whaddaya know! Linda is one of my 3 regular readers! Yay!!!!!!

This has been fun! Until next time!

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