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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Empty Folder

Well, my travel folder is empty once again. That's not good. So, I told Danny that I need to start planning our next trip. He just nods and goes along with my lunacy. That's why I love him.
Anyhoo, I decided that we should go to Hawaii. I have been taking virtual tours on line and this is one trip that I definitely cannot plan in 2 weeks. I hope we can go next October. Hopefully we can pull it off. The girls will not be happy but heck, they do stuff without us all the time. Plus, we will probably do a family trip for Spring Break. Financially though, it's a whole different story. But we can make it a 20th anniversary trip, 5 months early but whatever, rates are cheaper in October. It will be around my birthday too, so we can kill 2 birds with one stone. Plus Danny's birthday is 2 months after that so we can kill 3 birds. Actually, Valentines day is 4 months later so it's really 4 birds. Then there is Mother's day 5 months before and 7 months after and don't forget Christmas! Look how many poor birds have to die for my trip!

So let the research (and dreaming) begin!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Since we absolutely LOVED Wicked plus I don't have anything better to do, I did this:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We're home. We had a great time but my entire body is killing me. We started off in Niagara Falls (both Canadian & American) and ended up in NYC! I have walked more than I think I ever have! We thought we would have lost some weight, since we really did not eat alot but we walked almost EVERYWHERE! Not one ounce lost. We both actually gained some weight. Go figure!

We had a great time though. We got to see Wicked! We entered the lottery and yours truly, who has never won a drawing in her entire life actually WON! It was a fantastic show. We did all the touristy things and a bit of shopping, not much though. We do need to go back for some serious shopping.

Anyhoo, today is my recovery day and I am definitely trying to recover. Every single bone & muscle in my body is hurting. And today is MUST SEE TV!!!! Grey's & ER, can't get any better than that!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Memorize this....

So my new Amex won't be here till Tuesday. Probably not till 6:00PM or so because that is about the time that my UPS driver sneaks up to my front porch, tosses the package, then runs away without rining my bell. He better not mess with my Amex though. That is my lifeline. I don't uses cash for anything! Now I will be getting a "slightly" different number, according to the customer service guy. I had my number completely memorized. I never had to go looking for my card to buy anything online. Now I have to memorize a new number aside from all the new passwords I had to come up with last night. I'm getting too old for all this memorizing!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What a day!

I had a very long and tiring day! Kat had her Senior Portraits taken today, so my day saterted at 9AM. Hair, Nails, Makeup. All the good stuff. Then her appointment for the pics. After that we go to Flanigans for a late lunch early dinner. I pay for it with my AMEX and inadverdently left my credit card in the check folder. I realize my stupidity about 5 minutes later and immediately call the restaurant. No one has seen it. So I call Amex to cancel. OK, done. Now I'm without my CC till Tuesday.

I get home and I have email from ebay confirming my listing of a 100% genuine Chanel handbag for $55. Ok, I did not list this. Open up my ebay account and there are 62 such listings under my account. Holy Cow! I'v e been hacked! Contact ebay, change all my passwords (and make them all different), try to figure out how I can remember all those password, and 3 hours later and I am finally done! Thieves are everywhere! That is sooooo sad!

Anyhoo, consoled myself with this:

This is heaven I tell ya! And my thighs can vouch for that!

I'm going to be stylin'!

I wonder if I could get this delivered before we leave on Wednesday?? This is from Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer Collection. Isn't it just fab? I might just get it in a different color because I would hate for it to blend in with my hair. This is strictly for night time though. I'm thinking thata I may need to find one with, oh say, a Nike or something for regular day time wear.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain, Rain & More Rain

So we haven't had a single day without rain in over a week! Our pool is literally over-flowing and the lawn is drenched & muddy. I really haven't been out much in the past week. I hate driving in the rain. All the idiots drive 1000X worse in the rain. Danny is on shift today and he says that it has been non-stop accident calls.

Another quick rant. What is up with all these delivery people lately??? For chrissake, would it kill them to ring the freaking doorbell to let me know that they have left a package out on my front porch in full view for everyone to see???? Or so that I can bring it in so it doesn't get drenched??? Or maybe even so that it won't sit there for days since we never use the front door??? It went from leaving notices on the door, to ring & run, to no ring, drop & run. Recently, they left a large tube with over $800 in artwork standing up on my front step. They don't even bother to try hiding it behind the huge potted plant which I have right by my door. It's just not one company either! UPS, DHL, FedEx....they're all the same.

My blingy counter thingie says 7 days and about 21 hours. Just in time for Florence! Geez! Hopefully it weakens out and dissipates before ever making landfall. I have everything booked finally and I am quite proud of myself at havin done it on such short notice. The only thing that I have not been able to get is theater tickets. Planning on trying something for Wicked but if it doesn't work out, I hope to get discounted tkts for either Spamalot or Fame Becomes Me. I've already come to realize that we will probably not have enough time to do & see everything that we would like to.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cryin' in the fitting room

Sounds like a title to a bad country song. But that is exactly what I was doing today. I decided I needed to buy at least a few articles of clothing although I had vowed not to, until I lost the weight. But it's ither that, or walk around naked. I went into the fitting room with my arms loaded but I ended up not buyin a single thing. Everything looked horrendous! I did end up buying 2 bras though, because my boobs have gotten huge! I'm even gaining weight there! Ugh! I think I will finally commit to WW when I get back from NY. But then what happens? Along comes Thanksgiving & Christmas, which around here is a major food fest! It's a conspiracy I tell ya!


We were lucky this time. Although Ernesto was not predicted to be a major hurricane, I still was not looking foward to dealing with not only the scary noise but the aftermath. Danny removed a few shutters so that I could get some precious light. I would still like some more taken off.
All my outdoor furniture is in my terrace. It will probably stay there until we get back from NY. I would hate for another storm to threaten and have my mom have to deal with it.

12 more days. All these airplane "situations" have me really freaked out. Remember that I just got on a plane fr the first time EVER, less than a year ago. So I am still a rookie. And a chicken one at that. I'm going to have to take something mighty strong to get me through these flights. Especially those little commuter planes to & from Niagara Falls.

My diet is going well. NOT! Danny decided to take me to Texas de Brazil yesterday. Just because. Fortunately I did not have many carbs, that's the bright side. The meats were all fabulous & their salad bar is awesome. After that we walked it off a bit at the mall and then added some more with a mango and strawberry gelato. It's a vicious cycle!

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