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Monday, May 17, 2010

When Mickey Calls...

... we answer.

Sunday morning we wake up and are trying to figure out what to do. We didn't want to go shopping or see a movie or anything boring like that. So I mentioned that I thought I heard Mickey calling. Danny said that he thought so too. Well, we didn't want to keep the mouse waiting. I popped into Priceline and bid $30 for a 2 1/2 star hotel in the Lake Buena Vista area. I normally don't risk on such a low star rating but it was last minute and just for one night. I hit right away and received the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lake Buena Vista -East.

Photos courtesy of hiexpress.com
I just wrote up my Tripadvisor review and it should be up soon. I was quite pleased with it, especially for that price. It was very clean, the room was comfy and just about 4 miles to Disney.
Plus the room rate includes free breakfast with hot items as well. The breakfast area was ample and well appointed, which is more than I can say about other hotels. They also offer free internet. Have I mentioned how much I hate paying for internet? Especially at higher end hotels where I am already paying an arm & a leg. Staff was friendly and accommodating too. I wouldn't hesitate staying there for a quick trip and I would recommend it to others as well.

Disney can be very expensive but you can usually find something to fit your budget. When it's just Danny & me, we always go the hotel route. For extended stays anywhere, even non-disney, we will rent a condo or cottage. I'm a big fan of VRBO as ya'll know. Actually, my brother will be here from Colorado in 2 weeks and we are planning a trip back up to Disney. Being a last minute trip and that we are all on a huge budget, we plan on renting a house that will accomodate eight of us. I have rented a home in Orlando in the past and am always very happy with both with the house and the owner. Unfortunately, that owner recently sold his property, so I am in search of a new place. Hopefully, I will have a good review and a recommendation when I return. We will be celebrating not only seeing each other after 3 years, but also Kari's birthday as well as my niece's birthday. We are definitely looking forward to a great experience.

This is not a paid or sponsored review. All opinions expressed are always my own. My full disclosure policy is on my sidebar.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rayovac Powers Your Vacation!... Big Time!!!

First watch this super cute video and wish that you had a magic wand too. I know I do!

Go to the Rayovac Powers Your Vacation site to enter for your chance to win a 5 day/ 4 night trip to either Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California! For FOUR people!!! You know that I am all over this!

You can (and should) also join the Twitter party. Ya'll know that I love me a good Twitter Party. This is bound to be a great one!

#Rayovac Power Your Vacation Twitter Event

Join Rayovac and MomSelect for a Twitter Event to support the exciting Rayovac Power Your Vacation- Magic Wand Sweepstakes.

The evening will feature more than 20 GIVEAWAYS from Rayovac ranging from a Summer supply of Rayovac Batteries to Disney Gift Cards.

Date: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM CST

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I'll see you there!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today Only!

You can get the Entertainment Book for only $12 with FREE shipping today. If you go sign up to save with Cashbaq you get $5 plus a $6 rebate so the book will cost you a buck after rebate & bonus! The $12 price is for today only. Even if you only use a couple of coupons it is worth it! I never use just a couple! :-))

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star.....

I grew up in the 70's and graduated from high school in 1984. MTV was new and all the rage from my freshman and beyond. We would gather at a friend's house (one of the few with cable at the time) after school every day to watch. Yes, I remember seeing Michael Jackson's Thriller, all 14 minutes of it, for the 1st time. How else would we learn how to do the dance??

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler was a constant during high school as well. When I hear it today, I am taken back to those days. You know, when we all thought that we knew it all. I liked the song. The video? Not so much.

But this "LITERAL" version, I LOVE! Simply because, the lyrics actually go with the video! LOL

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today, I will be posting some of my referral links to my favorite and FREE programs.

Let me start with Groupon. You can sign up to receive Daily Deals for your city plus any city that you frequently visit or are planning to visit. I get deals not only for Miami but for L.A., Vegas, Orlando, NYC & Boston. I love the salon & spa deals, those are the best! It doesn't cost anything to sign up for the e-mails. You might just find something that you like!

I have been using MyPoints since 1999. Points are easy to earn, not only by shopping but also by reading emails, taking surveys and searching the web . I usually redeem my points for gift cards in values from $25 & up. They are prompt to credit points and to deliver your rewards. I recently discovered CashBaq. This is another rewards for shopping site and they also offer coupons on top of their regular rewards. I just bought the Entertainment Book for our trip to Hawaii and the total came out to $4 after rebates. What I like about them is that they automatically deposit your rewards into your PayPal account once you reach just $10. If you don't have an account, they will send you a check.

Sign up for FREE and receive $5 just for signing up!

Mr. Rebates I also use Mr. Rebates. They give the highest percentage of rebates. They also pay through PayPal or by check. You do have to request payment once you reach $10. Once you sign up, you also get $5 to start you off.

Search & WinFinally, Swagbucks. This has to be the easiest program out there. I basically just get bucks from searching, hunting, or just get the daily free bucks. I only cash out for $5 Amazon GC. Super quick & super easy! I follow on FB & Twitter to get notification of free bucks as well.

Before I ever shop online, I go through my programs and see which one offers the most cash back. Great deals & cashback, doesn't get any better than that!

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