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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been really quiet around here

Wow! I cannot believe that I have not blogged on here in almost 2 months! I am never this quiet!

Recovery is moving along. I am now out of the brace and am full weight bearing. For the most part, it doesn't hurt as much as I was told it would. Except for when I try to walk normally... heel to toe. I still use my little old lady walker but will soon graduate to a little old lady cane!

In other news, my step-dad passed away last week. It's one of those things that was expected, yet unexpected. Although we miss him terribly, we are happy that he is no longer in pain. Complications from diabetes are so incredibly debilitating! I have lost 2 dads. Two great dads.

Seems like that saying that everything happens in threes is correct. First my ankle, then my dad, and then...just two days after the burial, my daughter is involved in a car wreck. Some idiot cut her off and hit her car, causing it to spin into the median wall on the highway. The car was totaled. The guy that caused it ran away. But thank GOD that she is okay! Just a bit of whiplash, a couple of bruises and seat belt burn. Now, can someone explain to me, how anyone can leave the scene of an accident like that? All airbags deployed and it looked pretty bad. Thankfully there are good people in this world as well and they stopped to assist.

My nerves are still fried, but I must remember to count my blessings.

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