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Friday, May 30, 2008

Long Time, No See

I've been meaning to post pictures from this past weekend. But first, I have to say tha I love Wii Fit even though my body is hurting like crazy! Just goes to show how out of shape I am! Now, if only there was a game to keep me away from cake!

My brother, his wife and their girls came down from Colorado Springs. We haven't seen them in a gazillion 3 years. The girls have gotten so big! We had small shindig on Sunday and Danny roasted a pig. Yeah, I can do without the whole process, but I have to admit that it is yummy. I just can't decide which I like better, Hawaiian or Cuban Pig roast. We spent the entire day outside and fortunately the weather cooperated. Hot as heck but no rain. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. We did, however, go to the zoo on Tuesday and hung out by the pool for a while. And I did take a bunch of pictures then.

Yeah, they charge $2 for some leaves to feed their giraffes!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Kari!

May 29, 1990
6:45 PM
9 lbs 11 oz

As of today, we do not have any minors living in his house! :(

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nothing Better to Say Meme

Since I have nothing better to post, here goes:

Ten years ago: I was wearing the same size that I wore in High School. Not anymore. :(

Five things on today’s “to do” list: Buy stuff for Sunday's shindig, Attempt to color my roots by myself, Give myself a pedicure, Pay Bills, Commit to a weight loss plan, any plan.

Five Things I’d do if I was a billionaire: Not give myself pedis, Have a driver, Set my kids for life, Get a beach house, Give waaaay more to St. Judes,

Three bad habits: Loving Sweets, Talking to Myself ( Idon't answer myself though ;) ), Diet Coke

Five places I’ve lived: My parents House, A Rented Condo on the Beach (LOVED it!), My Townhouse & My House. All in Miami. Yeah, born, raised and never left!

Five jobs I’ve had: Candy counter in JC Penney, Receptionist, Unite Parcel SucksService, Real Estate Salesperson, Major Cruise Line

Five people I’m tagging: Whoever doesn't have anything else to blog about

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii is gonna make me Fit???

We picked up our Wii Fit today. It's really cool, makes you sweat and it called me overweight! Ok, tell me something that I don't know! Jus

t ell me how we're gonna fix it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WW: I is edumacated

I still can't figure out how they lifted the school in the first place.
For more WW participants, visit the official WW Hub or 5 Minutes for Mom

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ladies are supposed to perspire

We have been frying here lately. And I am SWEATING! Today, we were at 96 degrees. Fahrenheit! But there is hope on the horizon! I was just watching the news and the weatherman said that we will be getting a cold front on Saturday. Hurray! Yep, we will be getting all the way down to 89!!!

~ The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.
~ The trees are whistling for the dogs.
~ The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.
~ Hot water now comes out of both taps.
~ You can make sun tea instantly.
~ You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.
~ The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a little chilly.
~ You discover that in July it only takes 2 fingers to steer your car.
~ You discover that you can get sunburned through your car window.
~ You actually burn your hand opening the car door.
~ You break into a sweat the instant you step outside at 7:30 a.m.
~ Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is,
"What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and cook to death?"
~ You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.
~ The potatoes cook underground,
so all you have to do is pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper.
~ Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.
~ The cows are giving evaporated milk.


Read this and come back and give me your opinion. I'll wait.

Ok, now the only reason that I post this is because they have been doing this forever! First of all, they do not SEAL the door shut. They simply place a piece or 2 of tape on the door,where it opens. That way they can tell if the kids have left the room after curfew.

When my daughter was in middle school, they went to a convention for two days. A couple of girls in another room decided to sneak out after the chaperones had gone to bed. They were out all night! Not only were they just 14 but they spent the entire evening roaming around a hotel full of strangers. PLUS they hung out with the security guard who gave them CANDY! The parents, of course, did not fault their precious children because God knows that they are too young to know any better. They fully expected the chaperone to be up 24/7 watching them.

I'm also sure that the boy panicked at the thought of not being able to skip out after curfew get out in case of fire. He simply decided to complain to his mom and try to get the chaperone in trouble.

Monday, May 19, 2008

At least I got a car wash

Today we got a little rain. When I say little, I mean it drizzled for about 3 minutes. We need way more than that. The grass fires are still burning. The car in the picture is black. Really. It's just covered in ashes. Our ubber smart county officials have issued an air quality warning. Duh! Do they think that we are living under a rock and have not been breathig the stuff for the past week or so? My eyes are really bothering me too.
The rain is probably waiting for our little shindig on Sunday! It never fails.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go With The Flow

That's my baby on the left. Before her Senior Prom. You hear that? S.e.n.i.o.r Prom.
Which means she graduates in about 2 weeks! From HIGH SCHOOL! How can she be graduating from High School? She is only a baby! My baby. When did all this happen?

Just the other day she was walking around on my high heel shoes. I just blinked and now she has her her own pair.

So yesterday, we started out early. I had to get some snacks ready since her friends and their parents were all meeting at our house for pre-prom pictures. Plus the limo was picking them up here. My kid is the most easy going kid in the world. She lets everything just slide right off of her like an oil slick. We could have made a short movie that I would have titled National Lampoon's Prom Night. But she probably wouldn't care. First of all, she has stick straight hair and wanted some soft curls. So the lady does these curl roller thingies the day before prom and Kari was supposed to keep them until the next day. Ok. So we get up and she goes to get her nails done in the morning, in her rollers. Then we go to the mall to try to find a pretty clip plus she was getting her make up done at the MAC counter at Nordstroms. She walked the entire mall in.her.rollers! You would never see me in public in rollers now, imagine at her age. Make up done, and we are running late. It is now 4PM and everyone will be at our house at 5. We haul butt to the lady to finish her hair. The curls come off and she looks like Shirley Temple. We get in the car and I expect her to complain, since I personally would have had a fit, but she just laughed! We get home, she ges dressed and came down singing "Animal Crackers In My Soup". All is good in the world.

All the kids get there. They take their pictures. They have some snacks. Then sit and wait for the limo that was supposed to be there at 5:30 and it was now 6PM. Instead of stressing like most of the other girls, Kari is calculating how many cabs they will need to et them all to prom.

Finally at 6:30 the "limo" arrives. Yeah, it's a long car. And it might have been a limo at some point. Say maybe 20 years ago. It looked like it hadn't been washed in about that long either. Then, the driver steps out. I wish that I would have taken a picture of him because words cannot describe. Ok, picture a beer belly fifty-ish guy in a Hawaiian shirt opened up about half way, gold chains to his belly and a giant fake diamond stud in one ear. So, I send D over to make sure the guy hasn't been drinking or anything since I'm paranoid like that. But my kid, just jumped in the car and all was fine with the world. She was going to prom. It didn't faze her that the car barely had A/C and it was about 100 degrees in the shade. I fully expected to see car parts falling off as the car started to move and I so wanted to follow in our car but D wouldn't let me!

They got there ok. Had a blast. And made a ton a memories. As for me, I learned that I need to be more like my kid.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yooooo Hooooo Mr. Sandman...

It is now past midnight and I can't fall asleep. Why? Because it smells like smoke. Grass fires scare me. So afraid that it will get closer while we sleep!

Busy day tommorow today. Prom night. We have to get an early start on the day. Now, if only I can fall asleep soon.

We were searching for prom hair do's and came up with this, which is totally wrong on all accounts!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have a momma bird and a papa bird making a nest on my ceiling fan. The girls and I sat and watched from our bay window. And I, of course, had to narrate for entertainment purpose. The male bird would fly off lookin for twigs to build the nest. 95% would fall to the floor. Being the typical male, instead of picking up what he dropped, he would go out in search of more twigs.

The female would occasionally stand up and walk around the small area. Probably thinking to herself that that condo is just not gonna do! Too small! "How does he expect me to live here? The housing market is slow, I'm sure we can find some place roomier! We have that crappy stimulus coming in any day now. Too bad, we won't get any $$ for these new babies!"

There is not really much of a nest up there yet. My friend, who I call Dr. Doolittle, suggested that we make sure there aren't any eggs up there, then turn on the fan when thebirds are away. She says that it is not a very good spot for a nest. Especially since we will be having a Memorial Day shindig next weekend and in our mid 90's weather, those fans are a necessity! I bet the papa bird chose the location! The picture were taken from my window and apparently it's not as clean as I thought!

Pickin's are slim this week

I know that I said that I was going to post weekly bargains, but this week has been really slow! Plus, I'm not getting out as much as I used to because of the crazy gas prices. My Target outings have been cut down to once a week. How am I supposed to find great stuff by only going once a week???

I did go today, although I did not find any outrageous deals, I did use my coupons. I have been clipping couons like forever. But, now I am actually using them. It used to be that I would clip & clip and never use them. I'm getting a bit better. I actually used $35 in coupons today at Target. I love B1G1 and big dollar off coupons!

This was my haul. Yes, I do hoard but whatever, it will get used. And before anone says anything about all the junk food, we are having several parties in the coming days. It's not all for me! I normally would not take pictures of all my crap, although I have in the past, but it's the only way that I can show Danny how much money I saved him! This way I can put it all away and just show him the pictures when he gets home. Funny thing though, I don't show him what I buy when I DON'T get a great deal!

Walgreens was next. I gotta love those register rewards. I paid $9.44 for all this and I will be getting $9 in rebates.

The only thing I have for ya'll this week is as follows:

Optive Lubricant Eye Drops. FREE after Rebate.

Wish-Bone Bountifuls Salad Dressing. FREE after Reabate. They only have 35 calories per serving! This will only be good if you buy between 5/30 and 6/1.

Since I love Slurpees, here's a B1G1 coupon.

Redbox DVD rentals. We don't have them here but if you do, use code 2672JC for a FREE dvd movie rental from Redbox. Just be sure to return it the next day by 9PM.

Hopefully, we'll have better deals next week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mommy's Day!

I totally meant to post yesterday wishing all mommy's a Happy Day but the day went by so fast! We had a quiet day. Went to see my mom and actually spent the day there. Danny worked till 7 then we all went to Carraba's for dinner. My 19 year old baby made a card for me with her handprints on it. She printed her name and wrote Age 19. I have another just like it from her, but it says age 4! I'll say it aain, They.grow.up.too.fast!

Anyhoo, this week is going to be a busy one. Kari's prom is on Saturday and we still need some last minute things. Plus pre-prom is at our house. Speaking about prom, did ya'll see this? What do you think? My kid would not have gotten past the front door like that!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gas & Crap

It takes alot to get me mad. And like I have mentioned many times before, this gas crap is making me raging mad! I pulled up to the line to pump gas at BJ's. I haven't seen lines like that since our last hurricane watch. Anyhoo, the sign in the front, the sign on the wall, and the sign at the pump said $3.59. When I start pumping, I see that I am pumping at $3.61. So I go and ask the girl in the glass cave, and she said that the price went up right now but she has not had time to change the signs. So, while I was in line it went up. Which I don't understand because they were not getting a new delivery or anything, so what ever fuel was in there, they paid a lower price for. But whatever. This was Tuesday by the way. On Wednesday, I pass by in the morning, it was at $3.61, at about 3PM it was $3.63 and at 8PM it was 3.65. Today we're at $3.89.
I complain about this to my real life friends on a daily basis, so I figure that I would share some of the whining with my internets!

I so wish that I lived somewhere else. Or at least that we had better mass transit options. THis situation is way out of control. I'm not saying that we are poor because I know that others have it way worse. But we are heading towards it a a high rate of speed. I have doctor appointments all next week and am considering calling to cancel because it would probably cost me sooo much just to get there and back! Forget about the road trips that I love to take too.

In other news, I finally got a Bag of Crap! Do you know anyone that is happy to get crap? Well now you do! After several years of buying stuff on Woot, I finally scored a Bag of Crap! I have my fingers crossed for good crap! Some have received Roombas or MP3 Players I really, really want a Scooba. But with my luck, my crap will be real crap! But regardless, it will be a surprise. And ya'll know how I LOVE surprises! When I get it I will post my crap. In the meantime google "Woot crap" and you're bound to find quite a bit of the crap that others have gotten. If m crap turns out to be really bad crap, at least I'll have something to give my MIL for Christmas!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Movie Night

Kari & I went to see Made of Honor last night. First let me just sa that I love me some McDreamy. The reviews aren't so hot. Here's one of the bad ones. One reviewer went on to say, and I quote,
"Fans of Grey's Anatomy or dumb romcoms may enjoy Patrick Dempsey's Hollywood outing. Most won't."
Ok, first of all, I didn't know what a "romcom" is. I thought that I was being called a dumb romcom since I sort of enjoyed this film. So I looked it up in the dictionary. Nothing. Then I googled it. Finally found that it just means ROMantic-COMedy. Whew! I'm not a dumb one after all. But that other reviewer described it as "boundless stupidity", so I guess if I somewhat enjoyed it, I am considered somewhat mindless. But whatever. I did not find it that bad. Yeah, it's predictable. The storyline is somewhat old. And maybe what kept me entertained was the eye candy. Look at those eyes for crissake! I would give it a 3 out of 5 though.
What was the most offensive about the movie was the freakin' cost! I paid $20 for 2 tickets and $12 for popcorn and a drink we shared. Fortunately, I was performing a mystery shop so I will be reimbursed. Otherwise, I would have seen this in a couple of months when it comes out on DVD. Actually, I can't justify paying that much for ANY movie, no matter how good it is.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cinco de Mayo... a day late.

So yesterday was the day that everyone decides that they want to be Mexican. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR! Less than 2 months ago those same people were Irish and chugging down green beer. Any excuse for a good party. And booze. I for one did not partake,. Not because I'm a party pooper, but simply because, I can't drink anymore. Well, technically, I can. I just can't have more than one froo froo drink or my ears start getting hot. And sometimes, even one is too much for me! Aside from that, I don't like Mexican food either. Although, on Saturday we went to Chevy's for my stepdad's birthday dinner. I like their steak fajitas. Actually, I only eat the steak part. Oh, and their tortilla chips and cheese dip are awesome. I guess, I do like some Mexican food.
While we were there, they had already set up for the big Cinco de Mayo shindig. Right down to the rows of port-a-potties outside. I watched snippets of the celebrations on the local news. Just as I suspected , not one Mexican in the crowd! So, to my real Mexican friends, I hope you had a nice Cinco de Mayo! To the rest of you, I hope you're not too hung over. : )

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mommy's Days Giveaways!

Mothers Day 2008 - Giveaway EventI'm just now catching up on everyhing that I missed while we were on vacation. 5 Minutes for mom is hosting 2 weeks worth of contests so be sure to check with them daily. So far, aside from the Motherhood Moments posted below, I have entred the one for the Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer & for the $75 GC to Outback Steakhouse. Yummy. Head on over here and check all the contests out. There are still 4 more days to go!

Tangled & True is also hosting a week o' giveaways. I am so wanting the locket from The Fine Art of Living. And the week has just started so go check them out too!

Finally, You must run over to Blogged In. Anyone who knows me knows that this one made me cry happy tears. They are giving away $100 GC to... drumroll... TARGET!!!!! My home away from home! Although I should be selfish, but I won't. I will share with you. My internets!

Good Luck to Ya'll!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have been a mom for a very long time So I have been through a slew of motherhood moments. Each one a learning experience & each one makes me so happy to be a mom. OK, 99.9999% of them! Along the way, I also realized that not only do I LOVE being a mom, but that the reason that I consider myself to be a good mom is because I learned from the best. I learned from example. I learned from my mom. I can only hope that when my girls are moms they feel the same way about me.

So the reason for this post is because 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a photo contest about what motherhood means to you. Aside from their actual birth, which was monumental on all accounts, motherhood to me is the little moments. The little moments that you have every single day of your life. 525,600 moments a year. The sleepless nights. The funny things that the kids say or do. The kissing of the boo boos. The endless questions. And the "I can't believe you did that! moments"

So, my entry into this contest is this. They're not professional shots. Or anything that really means anything to anyone but me. I love these pictures because I remember that day clearly. Like it was yesterday. It was a mommy moment for me. One of the many that I just couldn't help but grab my camera. The victim will be 18 this month and the culprit is 19. Until this day, we are still having "moments".

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