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Thursday, March 31, 2011


We all have take things for granted. No matter how little those things are, you will miss them...desperately! In my case, it's walking. Although it is not a "little" thing, it is something that I take for granted. Fortunately for me, it is not permanent. At least that is what they tell me. They better not be lying to me.

Let me rewind to Saturday night. I was alone at home. Totally alone. Not even the dog was here to witness the fall. It was getting a little late and I figured that I should go out and get something to eat. I had THREE opportunities to change my mind. Opportunities, meaning discussions with myself. 1) I told my self that I really wasn't hungry. 2) I told myself that I didn't feel like getting dressed to go out. and 3) I definitely did not feel like driving

I convinced myself with the fact that I would eventually get hungry and that it would be worse later. So yeah, I started down the stairs and I swear that I heard a voice tell me to turn on the light. But I was already halfway down and I didn't.What happened afterward was in slow motion. Literally. Like in the movies. When I hit what I thought the last step, I remember sort of verbally giving myself a pat on the back. What actually happened was that I miss the last 2 steps, fell, tumbled and hit the back of my head against the wall.  I literally could not get up. Just like the commercial. I had to drag myself to the house phone to call D who was at work.My left foot looked like it had been through a wringer, it was crooked and swollen. And HURT like a... use your imagination.
By the time was all said & done, we learned that I had broken my tibia AND my fibula. After surgery, I now have 2 plates and 13 screws in my body. I am using a walker and a wheelchair and even an old lady shower chair. I am also on heavy painkillers which keep me, well, pain free... and hallucinating. I am very slightly depressed. I now have PT appointments and a nurse will be coming to my house once I get discharged. The pain is excrutiating!

One thing that was re-affirmed again, again is that D LOVES me more than life itself! I have never been alone this entire time.  He sleeps on the chair next to my bed EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT! I don't know where I would be without him!

I have had some AWESOME nurses and one not-so-awesome one. One of the AWESOME ones even brought me a homemade angel the day after her shift.  She actually made me cry a bit. The nurses here are all great and they especially love D since he does EVERYTHING for me. I guess that the good out-weigh the bad but why do BOTH my arms look like this??? I didn't go into surgery looking like I had just gone a round with Rocky Balboa, but I definitely do now! Both arms were pricked SEVERAL times and one IV was actually not in the vein.
So that is where I am. Sitting in the hospital, on my laptop. If I didn't feel so dizzy, I could use it more often. Unfortunately, I will be MIA from both blogs for a while. Although I feel crushed, I know that I am loved. 110% Yep, the good always outweighs the bad!

Excuse the typos and errors. I'm on Dilaudid.

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