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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ocean Breezes and Plumerias

Apparently, I neglect my blog even more while on vacation! A quick check-in and a giveaway. I have been away from home for almost a week and I'm still not ready to go home! Yeah, I miss my girls and my dog. I talk to them every day... not the dog, the girls. I also miss my bed but that's just about where it ends.

This is what I see as I type:

Just imagine what I hear every night as I am lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean! I haven't used my sleep machine app since we've been here. I have the real thing!

Before we arrived here in Maui, we spent two days in Los Angeles to attend The Ellen Degeneres Show! We had a blast! I will probably talk more about that when I get home along with my trip report. But for now, I'll have a giveaway. One of the guests on the show was Kenny Chesney and we received his new CD titled Hemingway's Whiskey. We each received one, so I have 2. If just two people comment, then you are automatically the winners! Hurray, great odds. If there are more than 2 comments, I will use the handy dandy number generator. The rules? No rules, just a quick "hey" will suffice. If you want to tell me more, I'll be happy too!

I'll pick the winners on October 12th, since it's my birthday. I will ship out the Cd's when I get home though, so you might have to wait a bit. Other than that, I also want to mention that since these were giveaways, the CD cases do not have the plastic wrap and have the UPC cut out but are brand new.

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