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Friday, June 02, 2006

I NEVER lose anything!

We went to the Falls today so I took my IPod Nano in to the Apple store to check it since it would freeze up every so often. They didn't find anything wrong with it so we left. I went into Bath & Body Works since the candle jars are on sale for $5. I waited behind a lady who was paying. When she left I approached the counter and noticed that she had left her wallet lying on the counter. I sent Kat after her to return her wallet.

After B&BW we stopped at the Disney Store to buy a birthday gift. We paid & left. Within 5 minutes I realized that I had left my Ipod on the counter. Ran back. No one had seen it & no one had turned it in. How I wish someone had run after me! I really need my ipod for my upcomin flight. I use it with my noise cancelling headphones so that I don't hear none of those scary noises. I feel so sad. I know it's just material stuff but it really bothers me that I was so careless.

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