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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's getting hot in here!

So for all you whiners out there complaining about the heat where you live,
I just wanted to let you know that Miami has you all beat!

Although we are hot as hell, Danny insists on heading up to Orlando because his cousin is there from NY. What that means for us is going to jam packed theme park, sweating like pigs, and being among other cranky, sweaty pigs! The girls and I are so over theme parks but Danny is as I have always said, my third child. Looks like this one won't be growing up any time soon!

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kailani said...

I remember being at WDW in the summer. It was so hot that my manicure started melting. I'm not kidding! :-)

Melissa said...

It's sweltering here, and we haven't even gotten to the "hot part" of the summer yet!

Try to stay cool!

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