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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Love Story For Your Life

If you have not heard about Randy Pausch or his Last Lecture, I suggest you tune in to Primetime tonight. Truly inspirational.

As always, there are critics. Those who can't keep their evil thoughts to themselves and try to bring down people when they are most vulnerable. Not only have I seen it with this lecture, but have also witnessed it on personal blogs. People share their lives with the "internets" on their space. Their personal blog. Which to me, it's an extension of my home, since I am inviting you in to visit with me and share in what's going on around here. I have witnessed countless times where people wil post comments bashing the blog owner for their beliefs, pareting skills, even housekeeping. I have visited a blog where the woman has a very strong faith in God although she is battling cancer, yet people have posted comments to her calling her a hypocrite for seeking medical attention. They claim that she should not do that if her God can cure her. These are the folks who feel that they are above anyone else.

But I digress, back to the "Last Lecture". You have those that state that he is exploiting his life and family for money. Well, you know what, he is sending a very inspirational message to millions. If he makes money along the way Fan-freaking-tastic! At least his wife and kids will have something to live on when he is gone. After paying all the medical bills of course. Because I'm sure that all the holier than thou folks won't be helping with that

Anyhoo, here is a reprised version of the lecture as seen on Oprah. You can get the entire actual lecture on YouTube.

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Whitney said...

He is pretty amazing!!! I hope he lives for a very long time. I hope he defies the odds! But if not he can go and know he touched so many hearts and minds and changed many lives! He is truly a living saint.

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