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Friday, November 07, 2008

Crystal Clear...NOT!

I have been a bad blogger. I suppose that an attempt at washing my windows does not make for interesting blog reading, but that is what I did today. Great learning experience. What did I learn? That a) I HATE washing windows b)I suck at washing windows c) It's hard as heck and d) I will never do it again!

I am not cut out for that. I started off ok. I had Danny remove the screens before he left to work. I got my stuff together, including the stinky vinegar. I washed the screens with no problem. Then I started on the windows. First floor only. I quit after doing 5 windows. Our house has 15 windows plus 2 large bay windows(which is like 6 individual), plus a set of french doors. So yeah, I did less than a quarter of them and I will.not. be doing them either. I can still see out of them and that's all that matters!
Look how happy that woman in the picture looks! She should come over and do my windows!


Days like These! said...

Check Craigslist. There are handymen dying to clean windows for $5/window. I'm serious.

Rachel said...

I am with ya on the windows. They stink!! I don't know if they still make the stuff. I think it was windex that made a solution and a bottle that hooks up to your hose. All you have to do is spray away.

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