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Sunday, November 02, 2008

We go back on the Red Eye yesterday. Trip was fun but exhausting! So I wake up at around noon today, which I guess is 11 Am now, but since my body is still on West coast time, that would be 9, sort of, but not really since they changed time too so maybe it's 8. Whatever. The point is, that I am totally out of whack!

We stayed at the Venetian the first few nihts. We're creatures of habit so we stayed where we always stay. We should try some of the other hotels, they all look great! We also stayed in downtown for one night, which was intersesting. We stayed at the Golden Nugget which was not bad at all! We were pleasantly surprised. Our one night in Death Valley was our most expensive and the worst. Go figure. I literally slept on a board instead of a mattress. I have yet to stay in a nice room inside a National Park.

Vegas was not very kind to us. but we are not big gamblers to start with so the chances were slim to start. Death Valley was HOT but cool to their standards I guess. Way to dry for me though. I think I went through an entire bottle of moisturizer. I could actually feel my skin tightening up and aging!

We ate ALOT. Of course we had m In-n-Out, we had 2 buffets plus one amazing dinner at Envy steakhouse. If you're ever in Vegas, check them out. The food is FANTASTIC and the service is top notch!

I need to get back into the groove of everyday life here. Catch up on blogs. And do laundry. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate doing laundry?

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doodlebugmom said...

cool vacation pictures, you guys are so cute :)

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