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Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been lost in real life lately. Oh, and in Facebook-land as well. That FB is a tad bit addicting! So today, they are releasing my step-dad from the hospital. As is the case, in way too many hospitals, he was misdiagnosed. I mentioned last time that they concluded that it was apnea. After a week in the hospital they decided that it was his kidneys. So after a WHOLE week, they started him on dialysis. A week with all that waste in his body. Geez. The medical world gets scarier & scarier every day. I get it first hand from Danny. He deals with it every day.

He's the first on the scene. He keeps them alive (when possible) for the doctors. Doctors that consider him simply as transport. Case in point. He calls in a heart attack on the way to the hospital. They arrive. No doctor. No nurse. No one meets them. Just as an FYI, according to most hospitals, they claim that they will have you in a cath lab within an hour of the onset of a heart attack. Anyhoo, D tracks down an ER md and he looks at the reading and decides that it is not a reliable readout. Puts the guy in a room to get another reading. Wait some more. They come in to get the reading. They hook him up. Oh yeah, looks like heart attack. Oh crap, it's getting worse. An hour has passed since rescue reported that they were coming in with a HEART ATTACK. The doctor never called the cath team. Now they have to wait for the cath lab. Time is of the essence. Time is the difference between life, death & the quality of life. But whatever...

Ooops, I fell off the soapbox

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