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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I live to travel & travel to live!

I should be concentrating on our upcoming trip to Hawaii in September, but I am being distracted by the cruise that we just booked for 2011! I just booked a cruise on NCL's newest ship the EPIC! The entertainment on this ship includes The Blue Man Group, Howl at the Moon & Second City comedy to name a few! Oh and there is also an Ice Bar onboard! Not that I'll last more than 5 minutes in there, but how cool is that??? Not only are we super excited about the ship itself, but the cruise leaves from Barcelona! Have I mentioned my Bucket List? You're not sure? Or just sick of hearing about it? Anyhoo, Europe is very prominent on that list. This will be our first time in Europe, so not only will we stay in Barcelona before the cruise, I also need to figure out a way to see at least one other country as well. My first choice would be Italy.

We are not Mr & Mrs Money Bags, but I do a TON of research and use FF miles whenever possible. You know what else is a fabulous advantage? NCL's Cruise Rewards Certificates! If you have ever sailed on NCL you know what this is, if not, I'll fill you in. We actually buy one... or three, whenever we sail. You buy these on board the ship. They are worth $250 towards a future cruise. When you buy one at $250, you immediately get $100 on board credit for the cruise that you are on! When you book your next cruise, you use the certificate as your deposit. That's it. My deposit would have been $800 for our upcoming cruise but I just used my certificate! How cool is that??? I think it excludes Villa bookings, but unless I win the lottery, I don't see that happening any time soon.

We LOVE to travel! Is it obvious? I even work for travel. I pick up as many hotel, cruise and any travel related evaluations as possible. Not only is it good for me to get my travel fix, but it helps improve service all around. I told D that when I die, he needs to fill a Travelocity gnome with my ashes and take me along on all his travels! Sick, I know, but whatever.

***This is not a paid or sponsored post***

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