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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hoarding much?

We travel quite a bit. Since we do not sleep in our car, our nights are spent in hotels. Hotels put out these cute little toiletries that for some reason, I NEVER use during our trip. But I do put them away in my bag and bring them home! For what? I don't know. I NEVER use them here either! Maybe deep inside I believe that one day there will be a shortage of soap & shampoo, and I just want to be prepared. You know, just like we stock up for hurricanes. Quite possibly, I'll be the only one in the toiletries recession that does not stink!

So while cleaning out my linen closet, I came upon 2 huge boxes full of hotel crap.  These are the contents of one box:

I have heard that I can donate it somewhere, but I can't remember where. Does anyone know? It has to be local, because these buggers weigh a lot!


Rachel said...

A shelter? Womens shelter?

lol, I have been hoarding my sample size stuff too. Why? No clue... lol

kailani said...

I take those from every single layover I have so you can imagine how much I've accumulated. Plus my husband takes his, too, so we have twice as much! LOL!

We donate ours to a local homeless shelter.

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