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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bucket List

I'm sure that most people have a Bucket List. I do. Actually, I just started mine less than 10 years ago. Well, I always had things that I really wanted to do and places that I wanted to visit. But I never really sat down and wrote them down. After my slight brush with death, I figured that I should start getting some things knocked off that list. Just in case. Because, they are things that I want to do before I kick the bucket!

One constant thing on my list since I was young, was to get married to a fantabulous man and have children. I knocked those off the list pretty early on. Heck, I've been married for more than half my life!

As of 2002, this is what my list looked like.

* Fly (get over the fear)             
I still am not completely over the fear.  But at least I get on planes now. I've even been on a helicopter & a tiny fixed wing. Yay me!

Be a contestant on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune (half a )
Although I have not been called to Come on down! (phooey!),  I have attended tapings of TPIR (screen shots) One with Bob Barker right before he retired! I have won so much $$$ on WoF for Wii. Now if I can figure out how to cash in!

Visit Hawaii    
We have fortunately been able to visit all 4 of the major Hawaiian Islands.  My heart belongs to Maui though.

Meet Tom Cruise.

Swim with a dolphin.
The most amazing experience ever!

See the Grand Canyon
Truly awe-inspiring

Travel through Europe.

Fly in a hot air balloon

Explore the Rainforest in Costa Rica

Own a beach house preferably in Maui

Have grandchildren

D basically follows along with whatever I want to do. Bless his heart. He does, however, want to RV across the U.S. I guess, at some point, I will have to give in to that one request.

My list is pretty tame. I have no aspirations to jump out of a perfectly good plane for no reason at all. Or any other daredevil crazy activities. After all. it's things I want to do before I die. Not things that I can die while doing!

As I have  asked before, I wonder what happens when I check I everything off my list. Just kick the bucket? Just in case, I will continue adding stuff to the list as I go along!

What's on your Bucket List????

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