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Saturday, October 13, 2007


I rarely get sick. I've been feeling something coming on since we got back. Yesterday, I started coughing and feeling achy. We went to Carrabba's for my birthday dinner, although I didn't really feel like going out at all. Went to bed and didn't sleep at all because my throat was killing me!

The one time that I don't take Airborne before a flight and I get sick! Coincidence? I'm not sure anymore. I wonder if that stuff actually works?

Anyhoo, I need to feel better by Monday. I have not been to Target in over 3 weeks! I need my Target fix! I'm sure that I have missed out on some awesome deals! : )

In other news, I went to pay Danny's Amex today and I see 2 charges for airline tickets. LA-Minneapolis and MN-LA. Both while we were in Hawaii. According to the AMEX guy, quite possibly when we had dinner before we left on our trip, the waitress swiped our card on a personal swiper and was able to use our account. Thief! And to think that we tipped her over 20%! He suggests that we always watch when they swipe our card. SO we now must get up and follow our server when they swipe our card. Then we must explain that it is not personal but we really can't trust anyone anymore. Sad. Really, really sad.


Damselfly said...

Hope you feel better.

Melissa said...

I hope you won't be held responsible for those charges!

We had our PayPal account hacked last year, and about $100 taken out of our checking account before we knew it. We caught it as another $100 was leaving.

PayPal reimbursed us, of course. But still - we felt violated!

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