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Monday, April 05, 2010

Anniversary Trip cont.

My posts are all out of whack and I'm jumping from one thing to another. This post is a continuation of our last trip which began in St. Augustine.

Danny & I have tickets for Disney that are due to expire in early May. We decided to take advantage of those & go to Epcot for the Flower & Garden Festival.

Totally forgot that it was Spring Break time and that the parks would be mad crazy. It didn't help that we did not have the Magic Fast Pass from the Disney Social Media Conference! We did ok at Epcot, but holy moley Mickey, I didn't know that so many people could fit in the Magic Kingdom!

We got our Anniversary badges at Epcot and I made Danny wore it proudly.
I'm not going to bore you with details of our day but I do want to mention one little thing. when we entered the American Pavillion a CM asked for our last name and where we were from. He told us that we had a phone call and to just pick up the phone in the secret box and dial 4 to be connected. It was Mickey calling especially for us, to wish us a Happy Anniversary! When the call ended the CM gave us this certificate: We had lunch at Les Chefs de France. They have a prix fixe menu for $20 each that is really good. Danny had the Lobster Bisque & I had the French Onion Soup. We both had the Croque monsieur, which is just a ham & cheese sandwich but it was very good. It is served with a very small green salad.This deal also includes a choice from three dessert. We ordered the Creme Brulee and the Profiteroles au chocolat. We even got a visit from Chef Remy! In all honesty, this would normally freak me out, but I guess animatronics, don't have that kind of effect on me!

This being a budget trip, we opted to stay off-site. I had vouchers for The Galleria Palms in Kissimmee. This hotel sits off the main road so noise is not a problem It is surrounded by kitschy souvenir shops and many dining options. I was a bit concerned about this stay since I really do not care for the area.

My worries were basically for nothing. The hotel is SUPER clean and seems to have been recently updated in a boutique-y design. They also have FREE breakfast in the morning which includes a few hot options. The only problem is that breakfast ends at exactly 9:00AM. Get there at 9:01 and you're S.O.L.(S Outta Luck). For a budget hotel, I give it an A+

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Kelly's Lucky You said...

Wow, that was a crowd!

I loved Chefs de France, but I didn't see Remy *sad* well, maybe *relieved* hehehe.

Oops, kinda jumped ahead of myself in my Disney excitement. I'm here from UBP. I was at Disney SMMoms too - and I am frequently amazed at how many people I didn't meet! Shame on me and I hope we'll meet at the next one.

If I can figure out how, I'll follow you... on to read more.


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