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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I started this post a while back to summarize our last trip Hawai'i and also to offer up some tips & suggestion. But in true form, I got distracted. In just 40 days, we will once again have the pleasure of visiting 3 islands in Hawai'i. So you will be subjected to more soon.

In the meantime, here is the last part of our 2007 trip.

We arrive in Oahu for our last four days in Hawai'i. At this point, we could not believe how fast the last 11 days flew by. We are both already dreaming of buying a place in Maui. A place where we can eventually spend our retirement. I guess we'll keep dreaming for now. Unless I win the lottery soon.

Our last 4 days were spent in a vacation rental that I found on VRBO, which was across from Kailua Beach. The unit was comfortable and close to the beautiful beaches of Kailua & Lanikai. The only problem with this unit was that the bedroom window faced the main road and it is right above the home's garage. Whenever the owner opened the garage we felt it. No biggie though. They weren't opening it in the middle of the night or anything. Price-wise, we probably could have done better.
We got up early on our first morning in Oahu and made our way to visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. We arrived at around 6:30 AM and were about 10th in line.I suggest you go early. I've heard that they sell out of tickets sometimes, especially during peak. When I say "sell" out I mean that they have a limited number. There is no charge to visit the memorial or the Visitor's Center. The only charge is for the optional audio tour and for lockers, if you need one. We were on the first boat out and were done by about 9:30 or so.

From the Memorial we went to the Aloha Swap Meet to buy some inexpensive souvenirs. The prices were better than at the shops but almost every booth had the same exact things at the same prices. I'm not a very good haggler, so I left that part to D. If you don't make it to the Swap Meet, the International Marketplace has reasonable prices as well.

We are into historic houses, mansions & castles. So a visit to the Iolani Palace was in order. The history associated with the palace is very interesting. Period furnishings & artifacts are minimal, due to said history. We did the audio tour since we went later in the afternoon and really enjoyed it.

It doesn't take much to make me happy! Matsumoto Shave Ice is my obsession!

Tell me he does not look happy! He loves those shrimp trucks!

One of the reasons that I bought the Entertainment book, was because there was a $40 coupon for the Polynesian Cultural Center. I reserved it online right about the same time that I booked our luau in Maui. Since it was our first time, we chose the Ambassador package because it included a tour guide. We went with the prime rib buffet instead of the Ali'i Luau. More laid back and less crowds! It was the perfect choice for us. The food was quite good and we were able to have a nice quiet dinner. As far as the tour guide, well lets just say that our guide just wasn't quite on the ball. We arrived late to most shows and ended up not getting a good view of most of the shows or we had to stand all the way in the back. Fortunately, our pass included admission for 3 extra days. We took advantage of this option and were able to see what we missed.

Our seats for the evening show were spectacular! We were right in the center, 2nd row. The show itself was amazing. At the time, the show was Horizons, they now have a new production called Ha Breath of Life. I highly recommend the PCC for a fun and interesting day. We are planning on going again this year. Primarily to see the new production.

I have more pictures from this trip here, in case you're interested.

Like I said, we will be returning to Hawai'i soon. I purchased the Entertainment Book earlier this year when it was on sale. The coupon for the PCC is $45. I used CashBaq to buy which brought the total for the book to $4. I have also scored Priceline cars for half the amount of what I had originally booked for. We will once again be staying in condos & cottages. IMHO, this is the only way to go. Or at least, the only way for us.

Stay tuned for Hawai'i 2010

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