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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The waiting game

Did I happen to mention that I was going to apply for the Disney World Moms Panel this year? More than once? Ad Nauseum?

Well, I applied on the very first day. Just in case. Three quick questions. The hardest part was keeping my answers at under 100 words per question! Of course, now I'm second guessing myself. Just like when I was in school and was the first person done with my test. I just answered from the heart. I guess since for the most part the questions were about my personal experience, I didn't find them difficult to answer. But then, I hear from other applicants about how long it took them to complete the application. That's when I started to worry.

So now we wait. Until November. Fortunately, I will have quite a bit to keep me entertained until then and keep my mind occupied. The competition is intense, and although I have high hopes, I know that I may be disappointed. They accept 20,000 applications each year! It's like the lottery! As with everything in life, hope for the best.

Pixie Dust is greatly appreciated!

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