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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like a good bargain as much as anyone. I have traveled with no frills carriers and have no qualms about paying for extras if I need them. I have gotten amazing deals on Spirit and that was even before they pioneered the dreaded baggage fees. Once the baggage fees came into effect, I figured that it was a small price to pay if I was paying a ridiculously low fare like $9 ( i have even gotten $1 & $2 fares in the past). My new favorite airline is Southwest Air, their fares include 2 FREE bags per person!

Now, when I pay several hundred $$$ to fly, plus a baggage fee, then it makes no sense. When it comes to "No Frills", I'm pretty easy going. BUT, I would LOVE to be able to fly like this:

Photo courtesy of Emirates Airlines

Unless I win the Powerball, that will never happen! :-((

I will just have to stick to my cheap no frills mode of transportation. Pay for my bags and possibly my choice of seat. Or not, because I don't have to pay for my bags with Southwest, booyah!

The point is, that if I can get a fabulous fare, I am willing to compromise.
But now, I have found the point at where I say "No freakin' way!" Let me introduce you to "Saddle Class". The seats are made by the Italian company Aviointeriors. They feature an arched cushion, similar in shape to a horse saddle, that supports the passenger in a semi-standing position, with his or her lap angled downward. So after a five hour flight, do you walk out bow legged? There is no way that I will pay to fly in saddle class, no matter how cheap. I hope that I don't have to eat my words. ;-) Moooooooo!

See for yourselves!

If video does not work, you can access here

So would you ever consider flying in Cattle Class??

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