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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time is going by too slow!

Until the accident, I was always saying that time was just flying by! I wish it would fly by right about now. This recovery is painfully slow. Days just seem to drag on by.

It's not that I don't have time to blog. Actually, like I mentioned before, I now have waaaay too much time on my hands. Not the kind of time that I want though. I want to walk, not hobble along in a walker or roll around in a wheelchair. I want to shower standing up, not sitting in a chair with my leg hanging out of the tub. I actually, believe it or not, want to freakin' vacuum! I know, right? CRAZY! It's things like this that we shouldn't take for granted!

But actually sitting down & blogging has not been easy. I have nothing to say, and that is just not common for me! Ask anybody that knows me.

Since the surgery, I've gotten behind on my posts and my reviews. I blame it on the pain meds. I can't wait to be off of them. They are doing a number on my eyes and I am not a happy camper. Especially, since it's cutting into the only thing that I can actually do, read!

Anyhoo, I have found one little thing that gives me joy. Watching people squirm a little when they are parked in the handicap spot and D is wheeling me from way in the back. Ya'll know my pet peeve about this. Not that they care really, because we all know that their sense of entitlement goes beyond feeling sorry for anyone. But in one case I did notice that the lady didn't jump out of her Dodge Ram 3500 until after I rolled by ;-) By the way, my Dr. offered me a temporary handicap placard but I did not accept it. The width is nice for getting in & out of the car with the wheelchair, but D is with me all the time anyway.

So I think I wave 3 more weeks without being allowed to put weight on my foot, then the dreaded PT starts. Wish I could just blink my foot back to normal!

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