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Thursday, June 26, 2008


OK, I'm in a better mood today. Sorry for the ranting in yesterday's post. I just meant to write about the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act, but I had one of those days yesterday. For some reason, I personally witnessed practically everything on my pet peeves list. Mind you my list is rather long.

First of all, I had to go to the bank. I park and start walking to the entrance. This idiot in a Hummer pulls in to the lot at top speed, pulls into a handicapped spot, hangs his placard on the rearview mirror, jumps out of his big a$$ car, and sprints to the entrance practically running over a lady who was just reaching for the door. Idiot didn't even hold the door for her. So he gets in line, the lady is behind him & I am behind the lady. So I say to the lady, "I never knew that rudeness was a legitimate handicap". You can see him tense up, but he did not turn around. I know all about unseen handicaps. I don't need a lecture on that. But in my opinion, if your 2 legs work and your heart & breathing is not stressed when walking, then leave it for those who need it.

Right after the bank I went to the grocery store and the lady in front of me was arguing with the cashier about something that she wanted to buy with her WIC. The cashier told her that it was not on the list but she insisted. Short story, she was wrong. She was also drippin in gold & driving a Mercedes. Prada bag too! By now, my blood was already boiling. Because in my mind, I am paying for her Mercedes & her Prada because my taxes pay for her WIC, food stamps, medicare and everything else that she probably gets from the gov't.

From there, I go to the bakery to get some fresh baked bread. I go in grab my number and wait. About 3 minutes later this lady walks in, goes straight to the counter and turns to everyone and says" I just need a loaf of bread" Huh?? Hell no! Thing is, that the counter lady was about to take care of her. I was about to say something but someone beat me to it. Yay for them!

This post is getting longer than I expected so I'll wrap it up with just one more. On the way home there is a 4-way stop. I make my stop, there was on car across from me but she was turning so she signaled for me to go ahead. Mind you, there was no one at the stop on either side of me. So I start moving and out of nowhere, this car comes from the left and runs the stop. She literally stops in front of my car. Instead of going faster so I don't hit her but whatever. I didn't hit her. She just shoots a bird at me keeps going. Here's the kicker. Two human cannonballs in the back seat. No carseats, no seatbelts.

So yeah, those are just a few of my the things that attributed to my migraine & foul mood yesterday. All better today. Maybe because I stayed home?????????????? I swear, I'm not normally a sourpuss.

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Summer said...

Wow, that's quite a day. And forgive me for laughing but your handicap comment made me bust up. I would never have said anything like that aloud, mostly because I'm not quick witted enough to come up with something on the spot. My good comebacks hit me 6 and 7 hours later. :)

Oh and also, I think your blog is looking good. Your header is super cute!

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