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Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm feeling sick.....

I took the girls to the doctor today for a check up. They are never sick, Thank God, so they rarely need to go. Just sitting in the waiting room made me feel sick. Sitting in the waiting room for an hour made me sicker! I keep saying that we need to stop going to the pediatrician. The girls are 17 & almost 16, they can start going to a big people doctor. But they LOVE their Dr. and I LOVE her too. They don't want to go to anyone else. They plan on seeing Dr. Gladys until they are at least 21.

Kat's birthday "weekend" continues. She had friends over last night. They went out for her birthday tonight. There are plans for another "birthday" outting tomorrow. And Sunday we are taking 10 of her "closest" friends to Benihana for her "birthday". So I ask, how long can she milk it????

Danny is working at the fair tonight. He is on bike rescue. This is the funniest thing ever! He runs calls on a bike! In shorts! He looks so SEXAY!!

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