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Monday, March 27, 2006

This weekend has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A bit chilly but gorgeous.

Danny & I went out for dinner to Houston's on Saturday night. After getting rave reviews and recommendations, we decided to try it for ourselves. We arrive and there is a 45 minute wait. While we are waiting outside Danny spots Gary, a co-worker & his girlfriend. We start talking and decide to have dinner together. We had a really good evening. The food was absolutely fabulous! I had 2 amaretto sours and I was totally tipsy! Needless to say, I can no longer hold my liquor.

Sunday, we had my parents, brother & nephew over for BBQ. Danny made baby back ribs, yum. Plus I made loaded mashed potatoes, corn & creme brulee for dessert. Another nice day.

Is it any wonder that I am not losing any weight??? Between Houston's & baby backs how can I?? I can tell you that this baby's back is HUGE! Why is it that all our outings & get togethers involve food????

Danny had Kat drive him to Costco although I told him that se was not ready to go on Kendall Dr. How she tells it, he kept yelling. He says that she was getting too close to the cars in front of her. She learns from the best, he gets really close and freaks me out. I'm sort of glad that he got a taste of his own medicine!

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