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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another Bump in the Road

This morning Kat woke up complaining of a slight tingling on the left side of her face. When she went to brush her teeth and gargle, the water just dribbled out of her mouth. Right away I knew it was Bell's Palsy. It happened to me when I was 22. Went to her pediatrician who in turn sent me to th neurologist. He prescribed some meds then sent her for an MRI, then to an ENT & also to see her opthamologist.

This is something that supposedly is not very common. According to the doctor, it's like 1 in 5000 or 40,000 per year. So what are the chances of this happening to both of us????

It has gotten a bit worse since this morning. The left side of her face is void of any movement but thankfully it is not sagging. I hope we don't wake up to something worse in the morning. She is having a really hard time with this. I don't blame her and it hurts my heart to have her go through this. It's a combination of the discomfort, the physical part and the fact that she will be missing quite a bit of school for the next several days. This is her senior year, she can't really afford to miss.

So for the next few days, we will be sitting in doctor's offices, waiting with anxiety, hoping for good news. The tears have flown today for both of us. I hope tomorrow brings good things.

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