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Sunday, December 17, 2006


I still have not shaken off this grinch mood that I am in this year. I usually am Mrs. Christmas from hell. Decorating, shopping, party planning baking and everything else that goes along with it was just a given. Gift giving this year is driving me nuts. My brothers kids are getting older and they are into more high tech stuff. Plus they have practically everything they want anyways. They don't need anything. My nieces are younger & are right at the age when Christmas is so magical. They live in AZ so I have taken to sending GC or cash since shipping has gotten so expensive. My sister's kids here in Miami need what money can't buy and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that.

Last week, I packed up what I had purchased for the boys & took it to the Fire Dept. after their truck full of toys for cancer patients was ripped off. So now, I will probably just give them a gift card or cash so they don't see the green in me.

I will be baking, and I have to start on Tuesday. The thing with baking though, is that I have to try everything to make sure it's acceptable for gift giving. Jenny Craig here I come!

My donations are always a given. The grinch does not see his way into that. The one place that I ALWAYS give to is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I thank God every day for the health of my children and I need to give to help those that are not.

I also like Rosie's 4 All Kids Foundation. You can purchase items with all profits going to the foundation. Or make a $$ donation for 100% going directly to them. On Friday actually, Danny & I went on a one day cruise to benefit the foundation. We had a nice time & it was for a great cause. I support them for basically the same reason , my kids do not want for anything, although they think they do at times. They really don't. They are healthy, they have a home, they have both parents, they get their education etc. I still push for scholarships & grants though, because college costs are so prohibitive. But, they will go no matter what. Speaking of college, Kat just got accepted into FIU. We are very happy for her!!!! Yahooo!

If you will be making any charitable donations this year, please consider one or both if you don't have one that you prefer. There are many notable charities, but I am only able to help these 2 at this time. Maybe when I win the lotto???

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Melissa said...

St. Jude does such a great work. I've lived in/around Memphis most of my life, and we have LOTS of people who come from all over the place for treatment. And no one has to worry about paying a dime.

Two children in my small town are being treated there right now.

Hope you shake that "grinch" attitude soon!

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