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Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Flying...

Since I am now an expert flyer (Ha!), I have decided that I need to fly on a private plane from now on. People annoy me! The babies don't really bother me, because they don't know any better. It's the adults that drive me insane! Here are just 3 examples.

Complaint A: If I take the red eye, I hope to be able to sleep. I don't need to listen to your entire conversation from 10 rows away for the freaking entire flight! Along the same vein, if you want to watch your movie on your laptop, headphones help you hear it without having the volume way up. I know that they probably just want to share the movie with us, but I just want to sleep! My crappy foamy earplugs don't help much.

Complaint B: How many times during the flight can a person open & close the overhead? Oh, and if you have so much crap that it doesn't fit in the bin that corresponds to your seat, check the damn thing! It's so not fair that we have to go in search of a bin to put our one bag because you stuffed all your crap above our seat. It also is not right that you keep coming by and leaning over poor Danny to get stuff out. And when you do drop a bag on his head, at least have the courtesy to apologize! Grrrrrr!

Complaint C: When the crew asks everyone to be seated (for the 10th time) so that we can take off, that means YOU! The only one standing in the middle of the aisle! The one that everyone is staring at!

Looking back on what I just wrote, I realized that I sound like a major pain. I'm not. Really. I guess that I just can't deal with being stuck in a tin can in the first place, so everything is amplified X 1000.
I just need to be rich and pay for my own private plane! With a bed!

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kailani said...

I can soooo relate! LOL!

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