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Monday, June 18, 2007

Maybe I should build an Ark!

Yes, we needed the rain. Yes, we are in the midst of severe water restrictions. But for crissake, give us at least a tiny break! It has been raining every day for over a week. I don't mean a little sprinkling. I'm talking full blown, thunder & lightning monsoon type rain! I hate thunder. I also hate lightning. Our pool is over flowing & the yard is full of mud puddles. Fortunately the drainage system in our area is pretty good though, so flooding is minimal. At least for now. Along with the rain comes mosquitos & horrendous humidity once the storm passes. Yuck!

Here is a quick clip from my upstairs window.

Father's Day was a bust as we were stuck at home because I refused to drive around in the storm. But Danny was ok. We gave him full & total control of the remote. I hope all daddies enjoyed their day!


Damselfly said...

It was quite a downpour!

Your yard rocks!

kailani said...

That's all they really want anyway. LOL!

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