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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shop Therapy

We took a short road trip to the new Ikea store in Sunrise. Just for a litle looks see. Needless to say, Danny is counting his blessings that this tiny little store is not right around the corner from us.
The place was packed at 11 AM on a Tuesday. Like I tell Danny, people don't work. Betcha that's what they say about us too!, he says. At least we didn't have to park n the over-flow lot and take the Disneyesque shuttle. Weekends must be a nightmare. I like the store, butI will not battle the masses, risking life and limb for a plastic spatula! It's bad enough that I almost lost an ankle to the commando shopping cart lady! I hate to see her driving on the highway


kailani said...

I so wish we had an Ikea here. I have a layover coming up at the end of the month and I'm definitely hitting Ikea. Unfortunately, it will be on a Saturday! Yikes!

SeaBird said...

I am DYING to get up to Sunrise and check it out! But it'll require a babysitter - no trying to lug tow toddlers around a store I want to browse for hours in!

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