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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Organizing Chaos

I have spent the last 3 days trying to organize my craft room. It's a never ending battle. I have also been removing pictures from those evil, picture eating sticky photo albums. I have over 25 years worth of pictures that I have peeled off. Most have survived some got a bit torn but nothing really bad. They come off curled, so I have to flatten them out.

I need to put them all in order now. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't very diligent about dating the pictures. So, here I sit, trying to figure out my kids ages in the photos. You know how hard that is??? I am guessing based on outfits, missing teeth, hair length, etc. Fortunately the birthday cakes have numbers so I can more or less figure out that entire year based on the above mentioned details.

So yeah, my dream is to scan them all & scrapbook them. My reality is that I'll be lucky to just organize them in a nice picture box and scrap a few. Geez, I have a gazillion pictures! (The picture above is only 2 years worthof pics). But after losing a bunch during Hurricane Andrew, I at least want to scan my favorites. This narrows it down to 1/2 a gazillion!


kailani said...

I hear you! I still have to catch up from Girlie Girl's first birthday. She's 5 now! Yikes!

i'm kelly said...

i love digital cameras... they definitely take care of clutter. but the question is, what to do with all the old photos. i have actually started scanning them, but it takes forever!

Bianca said...

Came across your blog today. Very cute and lots of info. I have a ton of old photos that I want to scan too. It will take forever but it is worth it really! I found this site


I am in awe over her organization skills! I would love to do this with my photos! Thought I would share it with you.

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