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Friday, November 23, 2007


Well, our 1st ever non-traditional Thanksgiving wasn't bad at all. Actually, it cost less than a "traditional" meal would have cost. Meaning me buying all the ingredients, using up my electricity, then on top of that having to clean up! We went to Texas de Brazil, a rodizio restaurant. A carnivores dream. I had filet mignon & garlic mash, plus tasted a bit of practically everything. Talk about non traditional! I also only had one diet coke as they bring out the tiniest bottle that I have ever seen and charge $2.50 for it! I took a picture but you really can't make out the size:

Then I had this:
Heaven on a plate I tell ya! It's cheesecake with fudge on the bottom & caramel on top! Yummo!

And, just for fun, here are my girls being silly:

For the record, the place was packed! And we thought that we were going to be the only ones there! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Did an of you go out to the madness that is called Black Friday???? Not me!


Melissa said...

We have a Texas de Brazil in Memphis, but I've never been. Sounds like you had fun!

We did brave Black Friday, for a little while, and it was pure madness!

Bianca said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, and leaving a comment so nice :)

I love those Brazilian meateries ((new word))LOL. That cheese cake is beautiful...almost to pretty to eat! ((ALMOST));-)

I am all for shopping on the net...no need for battling the crowds

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