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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner: Impossible and Rockin the Glow Stick

After a long day at Epcot, I had about an hour to run back to the Poly to freshen up for the evening event and get my rear back to Epcot. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE being right on the monorail line?

When we arrived at Future World, we joined a huge crowd waiting to be let in. Credentials were being checked and hand warmers & cool little flashing glow stick type lights were handed out. Come on! Who thinks about giving their guests hand warmers? Disney! That’ who! Who needs hand warmers in Florida? Me! That’s who!

This was an outdoor event and it was cold outside! Prime and most desirable tables were not near the stage but near a heater! The tables and food stations were set up on the bridge between the Fountain of Nations in Future World and the World Showcase Lagoon.
Earlier in the day, I was told that this was a Dinner: Impossible event headed by Robert Irvine. Let me tell you, in my book, it was a smashing success! The food stations were plenty and you never saw a line for food. I LOVED the Cobb Salad and the Short Ribs with cornbread buttons were delicious! If you know me, you know that desserts trump food in my book. The desserts did not disappoint! Although, I totally missed the berries with the vodka sauce stick! I dropped the ball on this one and did not get any food pictures. For an amazing pictorial of what was served at the event go to The Disney Food Blog, which just happens to be one of my favorite blogs.

After dinner, it was time for the show. The opening band had all the tweens and teens in a tizzy! That was nothing compared to when Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas took the stage to perform and debut their new song, Make a Wave. This song was recorded for Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green and will be featured in the upcoming Disneynature film OCEANS, which opens on April 22, 2010. I really liked this song and it's a great way to get the message to kids.

"just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion,

a simple act of kindness can stir the deepest ocean"

The main message of Friends for Change: "when people work together, small steps can add up to a world of difference." Very true. So, like the shampoo commercial back in the 70's, (what? I'm not old!) I'll tell two friends, and you'll tell two friends and so on, and so on...

I was rockin my glow sticks and was not plugging my ears, so there, I'm not that old!
I forgot to mention that I left my camera on the bus that took us to ESPN. I totally panicked! Not only was it my baby, my Rebel, it also had tons of pictures on the card. I asked a CM about contacting lost & found. He immediately called someone for me and had them ask the bus driver to pull over to check if it was still on the bus. He then asked them to bring it to us. Within 15 minutes, I had my camera back. Magic I tell ya!
Although I did pay a greatly reduced rate for this event, all opinions are my own. I was not asked to write about the events or The Walt Disney Company.

Next Up: A Full Day of Conference. Fun & Surprises Included!

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Anitra said...

Great recap. Glad you got your camera back! We were there too and had an awesome time.

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