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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Travel & such

I spend quite a bit of days each year in hotels. Sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for business. I evaluate not only hotels, but also restaurants, retail, cruise ships & some theme parks.

I mention this because when I do go for pleasure, I find myself looking at the little things. How many people actually get down and look under the bed the minute they get there? It annoys D to no end. Even the higher end hotels/resorts are not immune. Heck, during my recent stay at Disney's Polynesian, there were a few things that needed extra attention. Nothing that detered from my amazing stay, but I will be sending a freebie report to them. It can only help, and I am not complaining at all.

Now, on the not so good side. We decided to stay one extra night. It was last minute and we just needed a place to sleep. We checked in close to midnight. I'll tell you this, the one thing we barely did was sleep! We have stayed at the Orlando Vista before and it was fine. No frills but clean. Front desk staff was friendly and all. BUT, people were yelling in the hallway untill about 2AM. When D stepped out to ask them to quiet down, the guy just tells him that they're tryng to fix something. No apology. Guess what, the guy was an employee! Aside from that, the room was far from clean and the door was loose on the hinges. I was not happy!

When not work related, I usually give freebie reviews on Tripadvisor. Simply because it's an opportunity to help others in their decision making. I also go on there ALOT before making any final travel decisions. So my next review will be up there soon. Maybe the Orlando Vista will get their act together because the location is great when on a budget. I will also be posting my future personal travel (and non-travel) reviews right here on my blog to help my readers out as well. My reviews here and on Tripadvisor are personal and will have a more personal tone than my business reports. My paid for reports will not be posted unless the client specifically requests it.

Do you all check reviews before traveling? Or do you go in blindly? In today's day & age there is no reason to throw our money away on crap. JMHO. I LOVE to travel and spend a great deal of time researching my next adventure. Up next: St Augustine for our 22nd Anniversary Dinner, then back to Disney and on to Sarasota. Then Hawaii in October, unless something else pops up in between ;-)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE to travel?? LOL

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kailani said...

Have you heard of Trekaroo? You should post your reviews there, too.

I'm like you. I check out everything in the room and let the hotel know if something is not right. Otherwise, how would they know, right?

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