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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have been stalking Twitter & Email in my obsessive way for weeks now. It all started back on October 21st, when I get an email that started with; "A little bluebird once tweeted..." It ended with; "someday, more hints will come." Since no dates were mentioned, my neurotic obsession began. What has caused me to get into such a tizzy? Well, The Disney Social Media Moms Conference, that's what! Remember this, this, this, this, this and finally this from earlier this year? Well, the next one is scheduled for March 2011.
When I say that DisneySMMoms is the absolute best conference out there, I am not kidding! Now, this year, the competition is huge. Space is limited, just like the Seven Dwarfs cottage, just like they said in the email!

SO today was the day! They announced that registration would open on December 2nd. Problem is, we will be at Disney World. Plus, we have The Keys to the Kingdom Tour booked for, when else? December 2nd! I knew that registration would open while we were away but not on that day! What's a girl to do?

Those of you that have been around here for a while know that I LOVE Disney! My first trip to the Magic Kingdom was in Jan 1972, a mere three months after it opened. I was just 5 years old. OK, I'll wait for you to calculate how old I am. La-di-da-La-di-da. So now that you know my age, subtract the 5 and that will give you how many years I have been going to Disney. Although we are fortunate enough to live in Florida and have annual passes, we have NEVER taken a behind the scenes tour! Go figure. We go at the very least, 6 times a year. So now that I have the tour booked, it looks like I may have to cancel so that I can register for the conference. Again, fortunately we live nearby and can reschedule the tour. But I was so looking forward to it. So I called Disney to see if I could reschedule for the 1st or the 3rd. In a nutshell, it was booked solid. But in true Disney form, the cast member tried to help me find a solution to my dilemma! She even mentioned getting an air card and just taking my laptop with me. I still haven't written that option off. So if you're in the Magic Kingdom and see someone sitting in a corner, (probably next to the castle, for luck) typing away on a cute little pink laptop... come and say hi! Chances are though, that I will end up canceling the tour because I really, really want to go to the conference.

I hope that for once I am quick on the trigger and get in! I love the whole aspect of the conference. I love meeting other bloggers, I love learning more about what's in the future for Disney, I love being at the most magical place on earth... what's not to love. I'm just hoping that people who do register are actually in it for the conference and not just for the sweetheart deal. So wish me luck and send me some pixie dust. I will be wishing upon a star. Because, when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires, Will come to you.

Maybe I'll be back here with good news. Until then though, have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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