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Friday, September 01, 2006


We were lucky this time. Although Ernesto was not predicted to be a major hurricane, I still was not looking foward to dealing with not only the scary noise but the aftermath. Danny removed a few shutters so that I could get some precious light. I would still like some more taken off.
All my outdoor furniture is in my terrace. It will probably stay there until we get back from NY. I would hate for another storm to threaten and have my mom have to deal with it.

12 more days. All these airplane "situations" have me really freaked out. Remember that I just got on a plane fr the first time EVER, less than a year ago. So I am still a rookie. And a chicken one at that. I'm going to have to take something mighty strong to get me through these flights. Especially those little commuter planes to & from Niagara Falls.

My diet is going well. NOT! Danny decided to take me to Texas de Brazil yesterday. Just because. Fortunately I did not have many carbs, that's the bright side. The meats were all fabulous & their salad bar is awesome. After that we walked it off a bit at the mall and then added some more with a mango and strawberry gelato. It's a vicious cycle!

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