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Saturday, September 09, 2006

What a day!

I had a very long and tiring day! Kat had her Senior Portraits taken today, so my day saterted at 9AM. Hair, Nails, Makeup. All the good stuff. Then her appointment for the pics. After that we go to Flanigans for a late lunch early dinner. I pay for it with my AMEX and inadverdently left my credit card in the check folder. I realize my stupidity about 5 minutes later and immediately call the restaurant. No one has seen it. So I call Amex to cancel. OK, done. Now I'm without my CC till Tuesday.

I get home and I have email from ebay confirming my listing of a 100% genuine Chanel handbag for $55. Ok, I did not list this. Open up my ebay account and there are 62 such listings under my account. Holy Cow! I'v e been hacked! Contact ebay, change all my passwords (and make them all different), try to figure out how I can remember all those password, and 3 hours later and I am finally done! Thieves are everywhere! That is sooooo sad!

Anyhoo, consoled myself with this:

This is heaven I tell ya! And my thighs can vouch for that!

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