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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Empty Folder

Well, my travel folder is empty once again. That's not good. So, I told Danny that I need to start planning our next trip. He just nods and goes along with my lunacy. That's why I love him.
Anyhoo, I decided that we should go to Hawaii. I have been taking virtual tours on line and this is one trip that I definitely cannot plan in 2 weeks. I hope we can go next October. Hopefully we can pull it off. The girls will not be happy but heck, they do stuff without us all the time. Plus, we will probably do a family trip for Spring Break. Financially though, it's a whole different story. But we can make it a 20th anniversary trip, 5 months early but whatever, rates are cheaper in October. It will be around my birthday too, so we can kill 2 birds with one stone. Plus Danny's birthday is 2 months after that so we can kill 3 birds. Actually, Valentines day is 4 months later so it's really 4 birds. Then there is Mother's day 5 months before and 7 months after and don't forget Christmas! Look how many poor birds have to die for my trip!

So let the research (and dreaming) begin!

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