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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain, Rain & More Rain

So we haven't had a single day without rain in over a week! Our pool is literally over-flowing and the lawn is drenched & muddy. I really haven't been out much in the past week. I hate driving in the rain. All the idiots drive 1000X worse in the rain. Danny is on shift today and he says that it has been non-stop accident calls.

Another quick rant. What is up with all these delivery people lately??? For chrissake, would it kill them to ring the freaking doorbell to let me know that they have left a package out on my front porch in full view for everyone to see???? Or so that I can bring it in so it doesn't get drenched??? Or maybe even so that it won't sit there for days since we never use the front door??? It went from leaving notices on the door, to ring & run, to no ring, drop & run. Recently, they left a large tube with over $800 in artwork standing up on my front step. They don't even bother to try hiding it behind the huge potted plant which I have right by my door. It's just not one company either! UPS, DHL, FedEx....they're all the same.

My blingy counter thingie says 7 days and about 21 hours. Just in time for Florence! Geez! Hopefully it weakens out and dissipates before ever making landfall. I have everything booked finally and I am quite proud of myself at havin done it on such short notice. The only thing that I have not been able to get is theater tickets. Planning on trying something for Wicked but if it doesn't work out, I hope to get discounted tkts for either Spamalot or Fame Becomes Me. I've already come to realize that we will probably not have enough time to do & see everything that we would like to.

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Melissa said...

Sorry about all the rain (and the rude delivery men!) but I'm glad to hear you were spared from Ernesto.

I have the opposite problem. I live and work in a small town, and my house is 2/10 of a mile from my office, so we have the same mailman here and at home. He's gotten in the habit of just bringing my mail by here, instead of my house. Which would be OK, except that there's a good chance I'll lose something important (like, say, the water bill) between here and there.

Just keep counting down those days till NYC!

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