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Monday, November 27, 2006

It's beginning to look a tiny bit like Christmas

We still haven't finished putting up our decorations. At the rate we're going, this could possibly take us till Christmas! On Friday, we brought all the stuff down and planted it all in my living room. Saturday, I decorated the staircase. Sunday, we put up the tree.... only the tree. Today, we put up the lights on the tree. Maybe tomorrow I will actually finish decorating the tree. Then we will tackle the outside. That should take us another 3 days or more! Normal people finish in one day, we are not very normal!

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Anonymous said...

At least you got started! We just breezed back in to town tonight (Monday) and my hubby went almost straight to bed. I'm now doing laundry. Tomorrow night, we have to go pick my sister up from the airport (yay!) and so it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday (or, maybe even Friday!) before we get started.

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