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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monkey Business

Chimps! I love chimps! One of my favorite animals on my somewhat short list of favorite animals. It's Dolphins, Chimps, Pandas & Sea Otters in that order. These pictures were taken in 1988. The year we got married. Actually, this was part of our honeymoon. We were young & not very well off financially, so we stayed in Florida and went the theme park route. His name was Coco & he lived at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The similarities between chimps & humans was proven on this day. Coco & his mate were playing around their enclosure, as seen in the picture it was a huge pit. Apparently, my sexy self caught his attention. Chimps are attracted to me, pretty sad huh? I started waving at him & calling out to him. I guess he took it as a sign of mutual interest and decided to go for it. He went and grabbed a stick to climb up to me. Mind you, all this was done in front of his girl chimp. She was not very happy about this at all. She came charging, grabbed the stick from under him which caused him to fall. He looked at her and probably saw the rage in her eyes and decided to RUN!!! She, in turn, chased him with the stick! It was the funniest thing ever! But the drama did not end there. After a few rounds around the pit, she got fed up and climbed a tree and sat there with her arms crossed and pouting. Coco paced around and eventually climbed up and sat next to her, put his arm around her and made kissy face!!! Now tell me, is that not like a typical man???? I wish we would have gotten it on video. Since we do not have it on tape, here is a funny chimp video for you.

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