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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So I looked old at 17!

My dear sweet daughter has just informed me that I looked old in my high school Senior pictures. I guess it's payback. I said the same exact thing to my mom when I was about the same age. Just a right of passage, I just warned her not to be surprised when her kids say the same thing to her. Although, I still say that the kids in class of 1964 did not look 17 or 18. Let me not get into the 1950's class. Now that I have offended people in 2 decades, I would like to know why every one was always looking away from the camera???? I don't know why I'm posting my picture since I hate it. But here it is for all to see. I don't know what that red lipstick was all about, but whatever. My lips looke huge (no botox)!

It is supposed to go down into the freaking 30's tonight! My body does not enjoy the cold. I am especially opposed to the cold since I do not have any winter clothes. For now, I guess I will be layering clothes. Hopefully, what they say is true, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!"

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures, of both of you!

My senior picture was pretty bad, too. I had worn rollers to bed, so I didn't sleep much the night before. And I didn't have air conditioning in my car, so I was all sweaty and melted before I got there. To top it off, I had to change in front of a bunch of girls I went to HS with - totally embarassing.

But you two - you look fresh as daisies!

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