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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ok, I know that I shouldn't be complaining. Especially after Melissa tells me that it's in the 20's and it is 6 degrees for Linda in Wisconsin! Holy Macaroni! As it is, we are currently at about 47. From 91 to 47 in one day. And it's supposed to get down in the 30's over night. I am in my jammies, under my down comforter, contemplating bringing out my electric blanket while sipping hot chocolate. With marshmallows, of course! So could you imagine what would happen if we ever got below 20???? The coldest that I can handle comfortably is about 60 or so. Guess I will have to stay in Florida forever! Or maybe Hawaii....


Rick said...

Too cold for my toes.

I'm going back through my comments this past year and inviting people to a little give-away that I am having. No gmicks, just my way of celebrating one year of blogging. Please come over and sign up.


Damselfly said...

It really was a beautiful day, though -- sunny and windy! :)

doodlebugmom said...

lol! no problem. It's actually not that bad. It was sunny today...think if it as "crisp"


Melissa said...

"Crisp" Linda? It was sunny here today too, but that wind cut like a knife!

I went to a meeting of our town's Board of Aldermen, and our mayor said he was sorta glad when he saw how cold it was: the city sells us our natural gas, and they haven't sold very much so far this winter!

(He was joking, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Umm we left Hawaii before we came here... to Illinois (yes, straight from hawaii to illinois, yes, everyone thinks we're crazy, and no, not our fault... military). Hawaii, 80 most days, beautiful. Today, -1, the car tells me. What?! Who the heck knew cars knew how to do negatives?

I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you!!



kailani said...

LOL! I was complaining the other night that it was in the lower 70s!

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