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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It is January isn't it?

This was the temperature when we got in our car today! Notice the a/c is on full blast. But a cold front is supposed to be coming through, and tomorrow, I should be complaining about the cold! Ya know, I'm all about complaining!

I so want to take all my decorations down and get my house back in order! We probably won't get around to it till the weekend though. At least I took my decoration off this blog. That's a start. Right?

We went to Knaus Berry farm yesterday afternoon to get some yummy cinnamon rolls & milkshakes. Then we took a break at the mall and then went to dinner at Flanigan's. I do love their ribs, but for some reason, I have not been very hungry for food lately. I guess that's a good thing.

We spent a quiet evening at home last night. We watched the ball drop, then went to bed. Happy New Year to us old farts!

Today, we did more of the same. Being the fatties that we are, we spent a better part of the day eating. First we went for lunch at Cracker Barrel. One biscuit stuffed me. Had a bit of my roast beef and yummy mashed taters and gave Danny the rest. Although, I do love this place, I hope that I don't get my appetite back! We drove around for a bit then we went to Robert is Here. Yes, that is the real name. It is a fruit stand that sells all types of yummy produce, plus all types of jellies, sauces and flavored honey. They even have Moonshine Jelly. I've never tried it, but I get a kick out of the name. It doesn't take much to amuse me! I shared a yummy key lime shake with D, and brought home some produce & Mango Butter.

This old man was sitting in an antique car in front of the fruit stand. I stood and stared for a while since he wouldn't move. I thought he was dead. But he finally twitched a bit and all was well. I wonder if they pay him to sit there? An antique in an antique.


Melissa said...

Yeah, don't complain too much about those temps - it's about 20 degrees outside right now!

Mmm, Cracker Barrell. I went to one on New Years a couple of years ago, and they gave us all Black Eyed Peas in celebration of the holiday. Yummy!

doodlebugmom said...

I am a balmy 6 degrees right now. No, I did not miss a digit, that's 6.


Damselfly said...

Robert Is Here is one of my favorite places! We usually make it to Everglades National Park once a year and always stop at Robert's, which is near the eastern (Homestead) entrance. My husband had a good long talk with that old man once -- about cars, naturally.

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