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Monday, January 07, 2008

No stinky Hubby in '08

Although I am sure that ya'll are quite bored with my Target talk, I must confess that my annual massive hoarding continued today. I say annual because I normally only Target hop when they are at 90% off after Christmas. Maybe someone can benefit from my posting all the stuff I got. Yeah, I got a bunch of holiday stuff but I also got a bunch of stuff that is not holiday-ish at all. For example, I bought ladies wallets for .99 and nice wood jewelry armoires for 2.99. Check the kids clothing and scan all holiday looking stuff too. I also got tons of scrapbook/card crafting stuff. Forget about the 4pk of linen napkins in my faborite color, burgandy, for .79 cents. My best score was deodorant! Who would've thought that I would get so much joy out of deodorant. I bought Danny SIX twin packs of Speed Stick with earbuds bonus for freakin' .50 each! Oh the the joy! It's a thankless job. But I'm sure that Danny's pits will thank me! :)

So another day has passed and my tree is still up. I pulled the plug on the lights so I wouldn't be called the lazy neighbor. D works tomorrow, so it probably won't get done till Wednesday. Hopefully. Now I'm off to find a place to store my new crap!


Sheila said...

I got quite a few good deals at Target after Christmas too!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

My Christmas tree is still up...maybe by this weekend it'll come down, but I doubt it....I'mhoping by July!

doodlebugmom said...

haha, no stinky hubby, too funny!


Damselfly said...

My neighbor pulled the plug on the lights in front of the house -- the lights on the side are still on, though!

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