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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Let the holiday continue!

I had every intention of taking down my Christmas decorations today. I did. Truly I did. But as always, I got distracted.

Yesterday, I spent $19.21 on about $200 worth of stuff. At Target of course. So today, Danny wanted to go see if there was anything left. After he twisted my arm, I agreed! I'm such a good wifey! Anyhoo, I found a bunch of hidden stuff today. This makes me very happy. In total, today we spent about $40 on $400 worth of crap stuff. We bought a bunch of coffee creamers for .17 cents. Most of it is going to the station though. I can't even buy gum for .17 cents! Practically everything I bought was between .09 and 1.69.

Maybe tomorrow we can take the stuff down. Or we can just leave it up till Christmas.


kailani said...

I can't wait for Target to come to Hawaii!

An Island Life

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Sounds like you got some bargains. And good that Hubby was all for it!!

That link that you provided about being distracted...that is so me.!!! I think I posted that a while back on my blog as well because that so accurately describes me.

Have a great day!

doodlebugmom said...

I wish I lived closer to target =(

Melissa said...

My husband was in the town where our Target is this morning, and I had mentioned they had some stuff I needed on sale. I asked for Kashi Bars and coffee pods. He came out spening $60! His "splurge" was two containers for cereal with turn knob dispensers, on sale for $20 each!

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