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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hibernating is for the Bears

No, it's not cold. And I'm not reall depressed. Just have not been feeling well this past week. I finally left my house on Friday. went and got my nails done & I visited my beloved Target. I'm sure they miss me when I don't go I went to pump gas since dumb Danny left my car on empty. I felt like Branden Fraiser in Blast From The Past. Gas is at $3.25 for Regular! I just pumped at $2.94 less than 2 weeks ago! I know I'm whining but we will be living under a bridge if we continue at this rate.

Obviously I don't have much to say after being stuck in my cave for the past week We are planning a garage sale. We have never had one before. But we have so much crap stuff that hopefully we can avoid the poor house by selling some of it off. I'm not too thrilled about waking up early for it though. I am NOT a morning person! You think anyone will be around for a sunset yard sale??

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Melissa said...

I heard the other day that demand was down for gas and supplies were piling up. Of course - who can afford to drive with prices like that?

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