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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Colder than Montana!

According to our local weather guy, it was colder here in sunny S. Florida, than in Montana! We woke up to 41 degrees F. Have I mentioned that I hate the cold????

I wanted to sneak in a trip for our upcoming 20th Anniversary. But the money gods are fighting me tooth & nail! I hate it when we can't do fun stuff just because we have to eat! Not that we really have to eat. Actually, we can both benefit from eating less, but you know what I mean.
Plus, I know that I agreed to this, but a girl has every right to change her mind. If we had the funds that is. Maybe some incredibly fantabulous deal will come our way soon.

Speaking of deals, since I did so well with our trip to Hawaii, I may just be offering D's friends my services for a mere finders fee. None of them can believe how little we actually spent on our 20 day adventure. I have always wanted a job doing what I love and travel, even if it is enviously vicariously through others, is my passion. When I was a little girl my dream job was to be a stewardess. Yeah, showing my age there with that title, but that was what they were called. But aside from my vertically challenged body, which was an issue back then, I didn't realize it wouldn't work out well with my extreme fear of flying. I am happy to say that I have that fear somewhat under control. But after reading Kailani's post today, I worry more about my gorgeous self being targeted for being so gorgeous. They will probably not give me a glass of water even if I am totally dehydrated. Those evil, jealous flight attendants. Bunch of crazy cuckoo nuts in this world I tell ya!


Melissa said...

That's pretty cold for Miami - but it's what we've been dealing with here all winter. I hate cold weather too!

I want a trip four our 10th anniversary this summer, but I probably won't get it either. Darn those groceries and light bills!

Rachel said...

Stay WARM!!! I can't believe you all got that cold.

Hope you get your trip sometime this year.

The pretty girls story cracked me up!!! Hilarious!!!

Thanks for the chuckle :)

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